Honeywell IAQPoint2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
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  • User-friendly touchscreen operation
    • Menu driven, customizable, easy-to-navigate display
    • Large 1.9 x 2.6 in (4.9 x 6.5 cm) VGA screen
    • Easy-to-read LCD digits and graphical display
  • Flexible, money-saving design
    • Simple wall- or duct-mount
    • Multi-analog or digital (BACnet, Modbus) options
    • DC and AC power; fits standard junction box
    • 5 year sensor life with automatic self-calibration
    • Adjustable set-points and optional relay for local fan activation
  • 3-in-1 monitoring
    • Choose reliable CO2 or VOC sensing technologies
    • Optimize room comfort through temperature control
  • Green Attributes
    • Obtain LEED credits
    • Meet ASHRAE 62.1 standard
    • Low power consumption and ‘sleep mode’ feature
    • Optimize HVAC use and extend life of components

The Honeywell IAQPoint2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor puts money in your pocket and fresh air comfort into your building by using demand-controlled ventilation and triple monitoring (CO2 or VOCs, temperature and humidity).

IAQPoint2's unique, patented touchscreen monitor brings leap-forward technology right to your fingertips, with benefits that extend from simplified installation and commissioning to user operation. You can set password levels and protect from tampering; configure fan activation setpoints; select screen content, engineering units and language. You get control.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Monitoring CO2 Near a Soda Dispenser

The Background: Our customer is a municipal parks and recreation department that maintains a concession stand in one of their town parks. The concession stand has a soda dispenser that uses compressed CO2. According to town regulations, the storage room in which the CO2 tanks are stored must be monitored for CO2 in case of leaks.

The Problem: The customer required a cost-effective solution that is easy to install and maintain. It must also be capable of triggering an alarm if CO2 levels in the storage room exceed 5,000ppm.

The Solution: We recommended the Honeywell IAQPoint2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor. The IAQPoint2 is easy to use and includes relays that can trigger alarms as well as activate ventilation fans if preset limits are exceeded

Network CO2 Detection

The Background: The customer owns a large manufacturing plant and wants multiple CO2 sensors installed throughout the facility to monitor air quality.

The Problem: The customer wants these sensors to report to a centralized panel. As this project must be installed from scratch, ease of installation is paramount.

The Solution: We suggested Honeywell IAQPoint2 Indoor Air Quality Monitors paired with a Honeywell 301C Gas Controller. The IAQPoint 2 will monitor CO2 levels and transmit them to the Honeywell 301C via Modbus communications. This solution is convenient as communications are plug and play. The 301C will communicate with the IAQPoint 2 with only basic configuration, so no laborious Modbus programming is required.

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