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  • Ultra lightweight at 1.5 lbs
  • Clean room classification
  • Visual particle trending
  • Easy network connectivity
  • USB memory stick
  • Operating Temp: 50 to 104°F (10 to 40°C)

What's in the Box

  • Zero count inlet-filter and adapter
  • 6ft USB cable
  • 110-240V universal power supply
  • NIST Certificate of Calibration*


The MET ONE HHPC+ Series Particle Counters are handhled, low cost, fast, light with easy access to particle counting data. The HHPC+ Series are preferred for clean room and indoor air quality monitoring professionals. The MET ONE HHPC+ Series offer 2, 3 or 6 channels.

The MET ONE HHPC 6+ is a full featured six channel handheld particle counter designed for a wide range of tasks in high technology cleanroom manufacturing environments such as semiconductor or flat panel display manufacturing. The unique cradle provides convenient PC access to particle counting data via Ethernet or USB cable while ensuring that the HHPC 6+ is fully charged and ready for use at all times.

The MET ONE HHPC 3+ is a lower cost three channel instrument that is designed for contamination sensitive industrial environments. For example aerospace or cleanroom optical component assembly where routine monitoring is conducted at 0.5um and 5um per ISO 14644 but where 0.3um sensitivity is desired for HEPA filtered workstation spot checks.

The MET ONE HHPC 2+ is a two channel, 0.5um handheld particle counter designed as an affordable tool for the routine monitoring of controlled environments to ISO 14644 Cleanroom Classifications. Regulated and semi-regulated production environments that adhere to a GMP principle such as aseptically packaged food and beverage filling lines, hospital labs and formulating pharmacies frequently choose the MET ONE HHPC 2+.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Spot Checking HEPA Filters

The Background: Our customer is a local laboratory seeking a means to check their HEPA filters for leaks and/or areas with bad filter media.

The Problem:* The customer wants a meter with 6 channels so they can test for a variety of particle sizes.

The Solution: We suggested the MET ONE HHPC+ Series Particle Counter. The HHPC+ is avaialble with up to 6 channels and can count particles down to 0.3µm making it ideal for checking HEPA filters and other clean room applications.