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  • 0.01% accuracy
  • Rugged design operates on 6 AAA batteries
  • Interface that features quick-set knob
  • 24VDC loop power with mA measure mode
  • Resolution of 1µA on mA ranges and 1mV on voltage ranges
  • Built in selectable 250Ω resistor for HART communications
  • Two wire connection for all measurements
  • Adjustable auto shutdown
  • Variable step & ramptime in seconds
  • Adjustable span selection (0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA)
  • Valve test
  • Kit option available

The Martel LC-110 / LC-110H Calibrators are designed to take the loop calibrator class to the next level. The new LC-110 series features a user friendly interface with dedicated buttons and a rotary encoder (Quick-Set Knob). This combination dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure, or source voltage or current and power up a loop. The rugged case is contoured to easily fit a technician's hand and the large back lit graphics LCD is best in class.

The LC-110H differs from the standard LC-110 in that it incorporates HART communications and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands. This unique feature allows the LC-110H to be used as both a loop calibrator and communication tool.

In the communicator mode the user will be able to read basic device information, perform diagnostic tests, and trim the calibration on most HART enabled transmitters. In the past, this could only be done with a dedicated communicator, high-end multifunction calibrator costing thousands of dollars, or a laptop computer with HART modem. The LC-110H will allow many more technicians to service and support HART devices.

In addition to HART communications, we also gave the user the ability to get information out of the LC-110H. Need to quickly document the parameters of all the HART transmitters in your plant? Just add the BetaLOG HART software/cable to capture and upload to twenty configurations in either (.csv) or (.txt) format.

The data log tool features selectable capture interval from 1 to 60 seconds and a logging capacity of 9800 records or 99 individual sessions. Each data sample contains the LC110H measurement, all four process variables, and the standard status conditions.

Ships complete with:

  • NIST traceable calibration certificate with data
  • Batteries
  • Test leads
  • Manual

Kit option includes:

  • LC-110H loop calibrator with HART communications
  • BetaLOG-HART data logging software
  • USB communications cable
  • Soft carrying case
  • Mini-grabber® test leads
  • Alligator clip test leads

Test Leads

Martel Electronics Standard Test Leads
Standard test leads, stackable red/black pair
Martel Electronics Mini Grabber Test Leads
Mini grabber® test leads, red/black pair for the LC-110 and LC-110H


Martel Electronics 1919896 USB Communications Cable
USB communications cable, LEMO to USB with driver CD


Martel Electronics BetaLOG-HART Logging Software
CD with USB communications cable