PolyScience Chiller & Cooler External PT100 Probe
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This product is an accessory for the following products:

PolyScience 1.5 HP DuraChill Chillers
Portable air or water cooled chiller with choice of pump
PolyScience 2 to 3 HP DuraChill Chillers
Portable air-cooled chiller with centrifugal pump
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PolyScience 4100 Recirculating Cooler
Non-refrigerated liquid-to-liquid cooler
PolyScience 5 to 10 HP DuraChill Chillers
Portable air cooled chiller with centrifugal pump
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PolyScience 6000 Series Chillers
Portable recirculating chiller with choice of turbine, positive displacement or centrifugal pump
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Cable Length
10ft (2m)
$210.50 1

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