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  • 5 to 10 HP DuraChill
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  • 32 to 86°F (0 to 30°C) working temp
  • ±2°F (±1.11°C) temp stability
  • Cooling capacity up to 33,436 watts at ambient 35°C
  • CSA, CUL, and CE approvals

PolyScience 5 to 10 HP DuraChill Chillers are designed for high heat removal in demanding environments. DuraChill™ Chillers provide robust and reliable temperature control for closed, external systems such as pilot plants, medical diagnostic equipment, metalworking lasers, and plastic molding machines. These chillers are suitable for most applications with their many options and accessories.

To optimize cooling efficiency and performance, these sophisticated Chillers also feature a modulated refrigeration system. As a result, temperature stability is greatly enhanced and compressor life extended.

The PolyScience 5 to 10 HP DuraChill Chillers Feature:

  • Accurate microprocessor control with a digital LED readout
  • Pump protection by means of a pump bypass valve
  • Compressor protection through refrigerant pressure cutouts
  • Displays temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously
  • User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms
  • Simple operation and maintenance