• 4150T21A130D
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  • Facility water 10 to 60°C temp range
  • 60°C max process temp
  • Cooling capacity of 10,000 watts based on 10°C delta T
  • ±0.4°C temp stability
  • 200 to 240V, 50/60Hz
  • CSA compliant (60 Hz)
  • CE approved (50 Hz)

The PolyScience 4100 recirculating cooler is liquid-to-liquid, it uses your facility's water, pumped through the 4100, to remove heat from your application without risk of contamination. Heat removal capacity is dependent on the facility water temperature.

The PolyScience 4100 Recirculating Cooler Features:

  • Protects precision equipment from facility water contaminants
  • Quiet, energy efficient liquid-to-liquid heat removal
  • Displays temperature and pressure or flow rate information
  • Built-in temperature and low flow alarms