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  • Detects both uni- and bi-directional flow
  • Square wave pulse output signal
  • Duty cycle of approx 50%
  • Sinking output and sourcing output


The AW Gear Meters IR-P Infrared Sensor is compatible with the AW Flow Meters JVK series Positive Displacement plastic gear flow meters. The sensor detects the rotation of the flow meter gears and emits a frequency signal proportional to flow. The output signal is a square wave pulse which has a duty cycle of approximately 50%.

IR-P signal outputs are protected with a self-resetting fuse. This fuse has a 50mA nominal trip point. When a trip occurs, turn off power to the sensor and remove output load to reset fuse.

The IR-P sensor's output configuration is: IR-PA for a sinking output, IR-PB for a sourcing output.