Megger Detex Phasing Testers
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  • Five models
  • Grounded or ungrounded ac system check
  • Up to 69-kV class systems
  • Four analog models
  • One model with white LED

What's in the Box

  • Steel carrying case
  • Instruction manual

The Megger DETEX Phasing Testers are available in five models for applications up to 69-kV class systems. The models include four analog phasing testers and one model with LED indication.

The analog testers are ideally suited for outdoor testing of grounded and ungrounded systems, especially in areas where an LED lamp is not easily visible. The large, 3.5-in. (89-mm) analog scale is calibrated to indicate the presence of nominal system voltages; the tester cannot be used to determine an exact voltage measurement.

The testers are equipped with two fixed-length poles connected by a flexible, insulated cable. Hand guards are standard on lower voltage models, while units for use on higher voltages are fitted with a universal spline mount for attachment to a standard hot stick. Spline-mounted testers provide a 10-ft (3-m) nominal spacing between two energized phases.

The Phasing Tester (cat. no. 510836-1) provides bright LED indication for easy visibility indoors or where lighting conditions are poor. Approximate voltage ranges to be checked can be preset for additional assurance. The instrument consists of a pair of fixed-length, 43-in. (1092-mm) poles with hand guards. A flexible, insulated connecting cable is capable of covering a 7-ft (2.1-m) span between two energized phases under test.

These two-pole phasing testers may be used on grounded and ungrounded ac systems to check high-voltage fuses, test for correct phase connections and test for the absence of high voltage on de-energized lines or apparatus.

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