AW Gear Meters EMO-3000 Multi-Channel Flow Computer
This product has been retired.

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  • 4 channels, expandable to 12
  • 10-point linearization per channel
  • RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication
  • Ratio - flow A, flow B, or flow A/B
  • Thirty engineering units available
  • 4-20 mA or 0-5 Vdc output

The standard EMO-3000 offers one to four channels, but is expandable to up to 12 channels. Each channel can be configured as a flow monitor or as a closed loop controller. Four alarm limits can be programmed for each channel indicating rate, total, or ratio conditions. The ratio function allows the display of flow rate A, flow rate B and ratio A/B up to 12 channels. The DM-3000 is a backlighted digital display that can show 12 channels simultaneously. The display values can be programmed in over 30 different selectable engineering units. The RS-232 or RS-485 Serial I/O interface allows for remote data collection, programming and PLC interface, allowing for multi-unit interfacing. Any channel card can be configured to provide closed loop feedback flow control. This is important in automatic systems where flow rate deviations can rapidly result in major rework, labor and material costs. The self teaching memory function remembers previous "learned" control values.

Closed Loop Control System for Paints and Coatings


#1 Maintain a precise flow
#2 Monitor material quantities used
#3 Improve quality and reduce waste


EMO-3000 or DM-3000
AW brand positive displacement meter

The PLC transmits fluid flow instructions to the EMO-3000 unit, which in turn controls an air-operated fluid regulator by regulating pneumatic pressure. The AW flow meter measures the flow to the paint nozzle by converting flow to a proportional pulse rate, which is then compared with the set value furnished by the PLC*. An error between the set value and the actual flow rate results in a corrective signal to the AW I/P convertor. An internal memory feature records flow values from earlier cycles which are continuously modified as new conditions occur. The EMO-3000 builds these adaptive data tables for up to 30 fluids or colors, ensuring a fast but highly precise response for a wide variety of fluids and conditions.

*Potentiometer and DM-3000 programmed set points are acceptable.