Palmer Circular Chart Recorder
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  • Two sizes: 8 and 12 inch charts
  • All internal components are corrosion resistant
  • Each recorder may contain up to three (3) felt tip pens
  • Micro adjustment feature simplifies calibration
  • Palmer PC-11 multi-speed battery operated chart drive is standard
  • Electric (115 or 220V and 60 or 50 Hertz), or Spring Wound optional
  • Made of heavy aluminum, die cast and heat treated
  • Weather tight glass window and door (plexiglass window, solid door, and door stop optional)
  • Pressure Recorders have 1/2" diameter air vent holes in case
  • Draw pull latch with hasp for padlock
  • Hammertone Gray finish standard, other colors available
  • Wall, Pedestal, Flush, Portable, Pipestand, mountings available

Palmer Recorders are available in 8" or 12" models, and come complete with either electric, spring wound, or PC-11 (battery operated) chart drive, and up to three (3) felt tip pens. Case mountings are wall, flush, pedestal, pipestand or portable. The combinations of case mounts and internals allow selections which meet your specific requirements without limiting performance or demanding a custom price.

Pressure Recorders
Pressure ranges up to 0 to 10,000 psig are offered in both 8" and 12" chart recorders. Recorder accuracy is ±1 chart graduation.