• 656601
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  • Two sensitivity ranges
  • Peak and null location methods
  • Three-way swivel detector also measures cable depth
  • Tracer responds to current flowing in the cable
  • 150 hours of operation
  • Fully transistorized amplifier has 10-turn gain control


The Megger 656601 Cable Route Tracer is designed to locate, trace and measure the depth of buried energized power cables. The heart of the instrument is a compact control box attached to a precision-wound, swivel-mounted detecting coil that operates from three basic positions:

  • Horizontal: for maximum deflection over the cable
  • Vertical: for a null over the cable
  • 45° angle: for a null at a horizontal distance from the cable that is equivalent to the cable depth

The receiver of the locator features a filtering circuit that responds only to the existing electrical energy radiating from the buried cable. The chronic problem of identification in congested areas is eliminated, because the receiver is insensitive to telephone lines, gas and water pipes, and steel reinforcing.

By observing the meter on the control panel and/or the sound level in the earphones, an operator can easily follow main cable runs and service laterals. The operator can also pin-point both Y- and T-type splices and subsurface transformers. This instrument can sometimes be used to locate grounded electrical faults on un-shielded cable, particularly in direct buried installations.