• Current and voltage input/output
  • Output test terminals
  • 1 500 V isolation level
  • Short response time
  • High noise immunity
  • Available for AC or DC power supply
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Plug-in screw terminals

The INOR DA562 Dual Channel Isolation Amplifier is specially designed for signal isolation and load amplification in the process industry. Two independent and galvanically isolated channels allow for high-density mounting. DA562 maintains a high isolation level (1,5 kV) between input, output and the two channels. Current and voltage can be chosen independently as input and output signals.

Applications include:

  • Galvanic isolation, when a mA signal is connected, to more than one measurement or monitoring system.
  • Conversion of measurement range 0-20 mA to 4-20 mA or vice versa.
  • Load amplification and isolation when extra high load capacity is needed.

The two channels are fully isolated from each other and can be individually adjusted regarding input and output ranges. The DA562 is designed for the most usual input and output process signals, such as mA and V. Input and output ranges are changed with the help of jumper connections, and a simple instruction table. Fine adjustment of the amplifiers zero point and span can be made with potentiometers accessible from the front of the unit.

The DA562 meets the high demands from the process industry of good MC performance. Criterion A applies for all EMC tests, which means that the amplifier stays within specifications during EMC influence. The mA output signal can be measured on the front terminals with a low-ohm mA instrument without breaking the output circuit.

The DA562 is connected via plug-in screw terminals. The terminal blocks and cables are easy to disconnect from the unit for convenient dismantling and service. Installation is simplified by connection diagrams on the front panel. The DA562 snaps on to a 35 mm DIN-rail and can be mounted with high density.