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  • 70SR335001


  • Input from Pt100 sensors in 2- or 3-wire connection
  • Selectable, pre-calibrated temperature ranges
  • Two relay outputs with independent switch functions
  • Monostable relays for safe tripping at power failure
  • SPDT relays with 6 A switch capacity

The Inor SR335 alarm unit is designed for industrial temperature monitoring with Pt100 sensors in 2- or 3-wire connection. Two output relays with individually adjustable trip functions are available. LED's in the front indicate alarm state and correct power supply.

The SR335 also includes:

  • High configuration flexibility with DIP switches
  • Trip levels and hysteresis adjustable from the front
  • Three front LED's for trip indication and power supply monitoring
  • 4 kV isolation between input, output and power supply
  • Protective Separation acc. to EN 50178
  • Universal 24 V AC and DC power supply
  • DIN-rail mounting