Badger Meter EPM-2 ADV-SF Oval Gear Meter


Badger Meter

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  • Flow Range: 0.25 to 10 gpm
  • Maximum Pressure 600 psi
  • Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Totalization in Liters and Gallons
  • Measurement in Liters, Quarts, Pints, Gallons
  • Maximum Totalizer Number: 99,999 Gallons or Liters
  • Dispense Volume: 99,999 Units
  • Max. Preset Volume: 999 Units
  • Calibration Factor for Different Fluids
  • Three Programmable Presets
  • Total and Resettable Total
  • History (Previous 5 Batches)
  • Minimum 20,000 Cycles on Battery Life
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Low Battery Safety Lock Out Feature
  • Ability to Save Settings if Power Interrupted
  • Uses Standard AA Batteries
  • In-Line Swivel Standard With All Meters
  • Engraving and/or Labels Available
  • Automatic Shut-Off at Preset Amount
  • Emergency Electrical Shut Off
  • Precision Control Valve Operation

The Badger Meter EPM-2 ADV-SF oval gear meter is a second generation electronic preset meter designed specifically to meter and dispense bulk fluids such as antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) solution, windshield wiper solution and brake fluid when servicing automobiles, trucks, buses, construction equipment, and similar applications. The EPM-2 ADV-SF is NOT designed to dispense petroleum basic products.

The EPM-2 ADV-SF is fully programmable in count-up or count-down mode. And can be programmed to dispense in quarts, liters, pints, and gallons. Users can program any batch size in a matter of seconds and the 5-digit liquid crystal display, accurate to the second decimal point, shows the exact amount of fluid dispensed. Electronic accuracy will help you save time and money. The preset feature will allow users to perform other service tasks while fluid is dispensed.

The Badger Meter EPM-2 ADV-SF oval gear meter is lightweight, rugged and has a comfortable grip. A superior rugged, shock-resistant design excels in demanding environments. The meter uses 4 replaceable AA batteries and is calibrated at the factory. The meter can also be re-calibrated easily in the field for a fluid of a different viscosity.


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