• EMC & EN61010-1 compliant
  • Analogue Bargraph & Digital Display


The Megger DCM300E Earth Leakage Clampmeter is designed to check earth leakage currents. The instrument has four ranges; 30 mA, 300 mA, 30 A and 300 A with a minimum resolution of 0,01 mA on the 30 mA range. The DCM300E has an automatic power off feature and will turn itself off if it hasn't taken any readings over a 10 minute period. This clampmeter ensures that the latest safety design standards EN61010-2-32 and EMC requirements are met. Safety is enhanced with the incorporation of a tactile barrier. Extra insulation has been used around the jaw specifically to reduce the possibility of causing a short circuit between live conductors, as well as protecting the operator from accidentally getting an electric shock.

The Megger DCM300E AC leakage clampmeter ships complete with:
  • 2 Batteries (2 x LR44)
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual