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  • Resolution as fine as 0.1 µΩ
  • Standard accuracy of ±0.25%
  • Digital readout
  • Broad line of test leads available
  • Kelvin-type, four-wire measurement eliminates errors


The Megger 247000 & 247001 DLRO micro-ohmmeters are a family of highly accurate instruments that provide a simple, practical, and reliable means of making low-resistance tests in the field. They also are ideal for production quality control. They operate on the four-wire measurement principle, thus eliminating lead and contact resistances. With basic accuracies of ±0.25% and resolution down to 0.1 μΩ, they are nonetheless designed to be rugged and portable for use at the job site. A variety of optional test leads and calibration resistance standards are offered for use with DLROs.

Operation is simple: just connect the leads, turn the instrument on and read the measurement directly from the digital LED display. No warm-up is required.

Applications for the Megger 247001/247001 DLRO:

  • Switch and circuit breaker contacts
  • Transformers and generators
  • Motor windings
  • Busbar and other joints
  • Aircraft, rail and pipe bonds
  • Cable splices, welds and fuses
  • Metal alloys
  • Graphite electrodes and other composites
  • Wire and cable

Two models specially designed for general-purpose testing applications are available. Each provides up to 10 amperes of test current for measuring resistances to 60 ohms with 1 μΩ resolution and ±0.25% accuracy.

Single-Pak General-Purpose Model, Cat. No. 247001 This compact instrument packages measuring circuits, rechargeable batteries and charger in one self-contained unit. Ruggedly built to handle the most demanding field applications, the Single-Pak is housed in a tough Noryl® case with hinged, removable lid and carrying handle. This model also includes captive wing nuts.

Dual-Pak General-Purpose Model, Cat No. 247000 This battery-powered unit features separate measuring and charger modules for maximum portability. The charger can be left in the shop, and the measuring module taken to the job site. It weighs less than 8 pounds (3.6 kg) and provides hours of testing.

***Test leads are not included and must be purchased as accessories.***