Setra SecureCal Calibration Accessory
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  • Eliminates trim pots on transducer, ensuring tamper-proof calibration
  • Simple push-button enables zero tare and snap-span adjustment
  • Foolproof factory calibration restore function
  • Visual feedback thru LCD & LEDs
  • Interface with Sensor RS232 Communications

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Setra AccuSense ASL Pressure Transducer
Designed for low differential pressure measurements of air or other clean gases
Setra AccuSense ASM Pressure Transducer
Accurate, reliable pressure transducer for high performance industrial and laboratory applications

The Setra ASM eliminates the manual trim pots typically used on pressure transducers in order to ensure tamper-proof calibration. The SecureCal calibration accessory allows quick and easy digital calibrations. Simple push-buttons and LCD/ LED readouts enable zero-tare and snap-span adjustments. For added speed and simplicity, there is also a factory calibration restore function.