• Free Power Supply Voltage: 90 to 264VAC, 9 to 60VDC
  • RS-232 or RS-485 Function
  • Digital Zero Function
  • Hold Feature
  • Retains maximum or minimum value
  • Comparison Output Function
  • Analog Output Function: Scalable DC voltage or current output


The Fuji Electric FD5000 panel meter is a highly-modular 1/8 DIN panel meter with up to 19 different field-replaceable input boards. There's no need to stock a variety of panel meters - simply install the appropriate input board for each process.

The FD5000 panel meter from Fuji Electric offers optional alarms and analog outputs, in addition to RS232 or RS485 communications functions. Easily connect the FD5000 to a PC to process and control various data.

The FD5000 accepts inputs from temperature probes, pressure transducers, load cells, strain gauges, potentiometers, pulse inputs, large voltage and current signals. This makes the Fuji FD5000 ideal for demanding process applications such as Food, Textiles, and Automotive.

Modular Field-Replaceable Boards

Main Board — 2 Types

  • 90 to 264VAC power supply, or
  • 9 to 60VDC power supply

Display Board — 2 Types

  • Single display, or
  • Multiple (HI and LO setpoint) display

Output Board — 7 Types

  • HI&LO setpoint,
  • Analog output,
  • RS-232,
  • RS-485,
  • HI&LO setpoint + analog output,
  • HI&LO setpoint + analog output + RS-232, or
  • HI&LO setpoint + analog output + RS-485

Input Board — 19 Types

  • DC voltage (±99.99mV),
  • DC voltage (±999.9mV to ±600V),
  • DC current (±9.999mA to ±999.9mA),
  • AC voltage AVG (99.99mV to 9.999V),
  • AC voltage AVG (99.99V to 600V),
  • AC voltage RMS (99.99mV to 9.999V),
  • AC voltage RMS (99.99V to 600V),
  • AC current AVG (9.999mA to 999.9mA),
  • AC current AVG (5A),
  • AC current RMS (9.999mA to 999.9mA),
  • AC current RMS (5A),
  • Resistance (99.99to 99.99k),
  • Temperature (Thermocouple),
  • Temperature (RTD),
  • Frequency (Open collector, Logic, Magnet),
  • Frequency (50 to 500Vrms),
  • Strain gauge, or
  • 1 to 5V, 4 to 20mA
  • 1 to 5V, 4 to 20mA, with 12/24V Excitation Voltage