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The Badger Meter Recordall Transmitter Register (RTR) is a meter mounted scaled pulse totalizer and signal transmitter. The RTR is the main link for all of Badger's meter reading technologies, as well as the connectivity solution of choice in hundreds of mixed-technology systems. Amazingly flexible, featuring a non-proprietary protocol and very low power requirements, RTRs provide years of reliable, accurate readings for a variety of applications.

The RTR register consists of 2 separate (one low flow and the other high flow) six-digit straight-reading mechanical odometer totalizers (located in the six o'clock position), 360° test circles with sweep hands and flow finders to detect leaks. The RTR provides digital output based on Badger Meter's superior digital technology. This output has the characteristics of an open drain Field Effect Transistor (FET) and has no electrical contacts to stick, wear or corrode. No programming of the unit is required

The Recordall Transmitter Register (RTR®) is designed for use with all Badger Meter Recordall disc and turbo meters to provide output compatible with most Badger Meter automatic meter reading systems including Itron, ERT, ORION, and TRACE transponders.