Badger Meter EPT-1XP and PEPT-1 Signal Transmitters
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  • All solid-state circuitry, long life, high reliability
  • High resolution
  • CSA listed: Class1 Group D Division I & II (Hazardous Locations) (EPT-1XP only)
  • Field retrofit to most Badger flow meters
  • Rugged, cast bronze or corrosion resistant plastic housing
  • Output compatible with most flow controllers

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Badger Meter RCDL Nutating Disc Flow Meter
±1.5% accuracy and ±0.5% repeatability for metering of industrial fluids.
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The Badger Meter PEPT-1 and EPT-1 are two-wire electronic, high resolution pulse transmitters designed for use with Badger Meter's Disc and OP meter lines. The EPT-1 utilizes rugged NEMA 4X rated bronze housing suitable for hazardous locations while the PEPT-1 is housed in NEMA 4 rated corrosion resistant plastic.

The transmitters produce an unscaled pulse output that can be connected, via a provided interface module, to almost any controller or device with scaling capabilities and can provide 12 to 15 VDC for operation of the transmitter. Scaling allows you to convert the unscaled pulse to standard engineering units, such as one pulse per gallon, ounce etc.

Although this transmitter is specifically designed for use with Badger's PC-100 batch controller, it will interface with any controller or flow computer with scaling capabilities that will accept a 10 VDC pulse. The transmitter can be used to provide counts to a controller in a batch operation to a counter for inventory control or to an indicator for flow rate control.

The PEPT-1 is for use with Badger Meter disc and OP flow meters while the EPT-1XP is only for use with the Badger Meter disc flow meters.