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  • DC Voltage
    • Ranges: 400 mV, 4 V, 40 V, 400 V, 600 V
    • Accuracy: ±(0.5% rdg + 2 dgts)
  • AC Voltage
    • Ranges: 4 V, 40 V, 400 V, 600 V
    • Accuracy: up to ±(1.2% rdg + 5 dgts)
  • AC Current
    • Ranges: 40 A , 400 A
    • Accuracy: ±(2.0% rdg + 6 dgts)
  • Resistance
    • Ranges: 400 Ω, 4 kΩ, 40 kΩ, 400 kΩ, 4 MΩ, 40 MΩ
    • Accuracy: up to ±(1.0% rdg + 4 dgts)
  • Continuity: audible indication at Less than 25 Ω
  • Diode Test current: 1.2mA (approximate)
  • Temperature (ACD-21SW only)
    • Range: -30 to 400°F
    • Accuracy: ±(1% + 2°F)
  • 30 mm jaw opening
  • CAT III 600 V safety rating
  • Advanced VoltTect non-contact voltage detection
  • Noise filter for stable and consistent readings

What's in the Box

  • Test leads
  • Battery
  • Carry Case
  • Manual

The Amprobe ACD-20SW and ACD-21SW are versatile clamp meters with a patented rotating head clamp design which allows easy viewing of test results in tight or inconvenient to reach places. Simply rotate the body of the meter to get an unobstructed view of the LCD display from any angle. The ACD-20SW and ACD-21SW include a number of functions and features as well as a CAT III 600V safety rating making these meters ready for use in nearly any electrical or HVAC application.

The Amprobe ACD-20SW and ACD-21SW swivel clamp meters perform all the basic functions including AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance, continuity and diode test. Both meters include wide measurement ranges and high accuracy. Other features of the meters include advanced VoltTect non-contact voltage detection, a slim jaw design for one-hand operation, auto ranging for quick checks and manual ranging for precise measurements, auto power-off and data hold. The meters also incorporate a noise filter for stable and consistent readings in electrically noisy environments.

The Amprobe ACD-21SW clamp meter has all the great features of the ACD-20SW with the added advantage of temperature measurement from -30 to 400°F with 0.1°F resolution and an accuracy of 1% + 2°F.

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