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  • Range: 10–500 cfm (17–850 m3/h) (4.7–236 l/s)
  • Accuracy: ±(3% + 5 cfm) [±(3% + 8.5 m3/h, 2.4 l/s)]
  • Resolution: 1 cfm from 10–500 cfm; 1 l/s from 10 to 236 l/s
  • NIST Certificate Included
  • Certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC)
  • Meets performance guidelines as outlined under the 2013 California Building Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6) Section 100.0 (h), residential Appendices Section RA3.3.2.1 and RA3.7.3

The TSI Alnor 6200 LoFlo balometer is a compact instrument that measures very low air flow rates in HVAC systems. The 6200 measures air flow from 10 to 500 cfm (17 to 850 m3/h; 4.7 to 236 l/s) with an accuracy of ±(3% + 5 cfm). The TSI Alnor LoFlo displays standard air volume rate when placed at supply or return diffusers, registers, or grilles located on the ceiling, wall, or floor.

A vent mechanism is used by TSI Alnor 6200 LoFlo balometers to reduce the restriction of air flow caused by the instrument. This unique venting system allows the 6200 to remain compact while still measuring a wide range of volume rates. The TSI Alnor LoFlo should be used with the vents closed at lower volume rates, but higher volume rates should be measured with the vents open to minimize any resistance effects. A 2-point measurement may be taken to compensate for the resistance effect of the instrument at higher volume rates.

The TSI Alnor 6200 LoFlo balometer is battery powered and may be used with or without optional hoods. It weighs just over 6 pounds with the optional 2' x 2' hood, helping to reduce worker fatigue. The TSI Alnor 6200 ships complete with batteries, carrying case, NIST calibration certificate and manual.

This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Residential Balancing Made Simple

The Background: Our customer is an HVAC company that works primarily with retrofitting residential systems. They seek a means to quickly, easily and accurately balance HVAC systems.

The Problem: Air capture hoods, or balometers, are a common solution for balancing HVAC systems. Most balometers, though, are designed for industrial-scale HVAC systems and are loaded with additional features that may not be needed. These features add complexity and cost. The customer wants something simple and economical.

The Solution: We recommended the TSI Alnor 6200 LoFlo balometer, a no-frills air capture hood that offers the simplicity and affordability the customer seeks. The 6200 is designed for low airflow rates making it perfect for residential applications. The hood also meets the strict building efficiency standards for California residential performance guidelines. the TSI Alnor 6200 LoFlo balometer allows HVAC companies to quickly balance a residential system and move on to the next job.