TSI Alnor

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This product is an accessory for the following products:

TSI Alnor AXD610 & AXD620 Micromanometers
Measure differential static pressure from -15 to 15in H2O
TSI Alnor EBT730 Manometer
Accurately measures pressure, velocity and flow to help you meet industry standards, Blue tooth communications
TSI Alnor EBT731 Balometer
Ergonomic design & ultra light weight for easy one-person operation, with Bluetooth communications
TSI Alnor EBT720 Manometer
Accurately measures pressure, velocity and flow and offers data logging
TSI Alnor EBT721 Balometer
Multi-purpose electronic air balancing instrument for reading air volume flow at diffusers and grilles

The TSI Alnor 3002017 static pressure probe is primarily used to obtain static pressure measurements within ductwork.