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  • Supply & exhaust ranges
    • 30 to 1,000 CFM (ft³/min
    • 50 to 2,000 CMH (m³/hr)
  • ±3% of full scale +5 CFM (ft³/min) accuracy
  • Scale divisions
    • 5 from 30 to 250 CFM
    • 10 from 200 to 500 CFM
    • 20 from 400 to 1000 CFM (ft³/min)
  • Easy one person operation
  • Simple-to-read analog meter

What's in the Box

  • Wheeled luggage-style carrying case
  • Four AA alkaline batteries
  • NIST calibration certificate
  • Manual

The TSI Alnor ABT701 balometer is an accurate and dependable analog instrument designed for use in ventilation testing and balancing. By placing it over a diffuser or grille, air volume measurements are obtained quickly and easily thus maximizing productivity.

The ergonomic and ultra lightweight design allows for easy one person operation. The simple-to-read analog meter quickly displays measurements.

TSI Alnor Balometer Hoods
Various sized hoods for TSI Alnor balometers
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