Techne CN-100 Cyclone
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  • Wall-mount
  • Collects fluidizing medium to be returned to bath
  • No moving parts
  • No power required

The Techne CN-100 Cyclone is an efficient wall mounted unit which can extract more than 99% of any fluidizing medium that may be carried over into the bath exhaust system when the extraction fan is in operation. The cyclone includes a collection bin which allows alundum carried over to be collected and returned to the bath for re-use.

The Techne CN-100 Cylclone has no moving parts and requires no power and is connected to the extraction fan via the ductwork. This efficient unit is specially designed to give the optimum combination of air flow and pressure drop. The CN-100 is compatible with most Techne fluidized bath and fume cleaning equipment. We recommend that a Techne CN-100 Cyclone is fitted before the scrubber to avoid unnecessary loss of medium and loading of the scrubber with particulates.