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  • Input Range
    • Voltage Limit: -256 to +256 VDC
    • Current Limit: -100 to +199 mAdc
    • Voltage Span: 15 mV to 256 V
    • Current Span: 0.8 mA to 100 mAdc
  • Input Impedance
    • Voltage: 1 megohm
    • Current: 20 ohms
  • Output Range
    • Voltage: 0/.25 V, 0/1 V, 0/5 V, 1/5 V, 0/10 V, -5/+5 V, -10/+10 V
    • Current: 0/1 mA, 0/4 mA, 0/20 mA, 4/20 mA
  • Output Load
    • Voltage: 10 mA max. (1 kilohm at 10 V)
    • Current: > 24 V compliance (1200 ohms max. at 20 mA)
  • Output Ripple: < 0.1% of span
  • Response Time: < 100 ms
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% of span
  • Linearity: ±0.05% of span
  • Temperature Stability: ±(0.02% of span + 2 μV)/°C max

The Wilkerson Instruments MM4380A DC input field rangeable isolated transmitter provides a DC output proportional to a DC input. The output is fully isolated from input, line power and ground. The unit is useful in eliminating ground loops and common mode signals.

Input and output ranges are user-settable with Wilkerson Instruments MM4380A DC input field rangeable isolated transmitters. Each may be voltage or current, with or without offset. The output response may be normal or reverse-acting. A fully labeled set of jumpers selects the input and output ranges. The MM4380A is identical in size and fully interchangeable with fixed-range modules such as the Wilkerson Instruments MM4300 and MM4300A models.

All Wilkerson Instruments products are designed with RFI filters and lightning protection to reduce susceptibility to electrical noise and damage by lightning. The Wilkerson Instruments MM4380A utilizes a feedback VCO to develop a pulse train with a duty cycle proportional to the input signal amplitude. This pulse train is coupled through a pulse transformer to the output circuitry, where the duty cycle data is converted to a proportional DC output level.

Please contact one of our engineers today for further information regarding factory calibrated ranges.