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  • Input Range:
    • Voltage: ± 50 mV to ± 256 V
    • Current: ± 1 mA to ± 250 mA
  • Output Range:
    • Voltage: 1/5 V, 0/5 V, -5/5 V, 0/10 V, -10/10 V
    • Current: 0/1 mA, 4/20 mA, 0/20 mA
  • Bandwidth: -3 db at 3 Hz
  • Output Ripple: < 0.1% of span (peak to peak)
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% of span
  • Linearity: ±0.05% of span

The Wilkerson Instruments DR4380A DC input field rangeable isolated transmitter provides an isolated DC voltage or current output proportional to a DC voltage or current input. The input and output can be ranged in the field utilizing slide DIP switches.

Wilkerson Instruments DR4380A DC input field rangeable isolated transmitters provide 3 way isolation between input, output, and power source. The isolation makes the product useful for measuring input signals with high common mode voltages and for breaking ground connections to eliminate ground loops. Its wide choice of inputs and outputs allow signal conversion and scaling as well.

All DR Series products are designed to mount on a 35 mm DIN rail. The Wilkerson Instruments DR4380A features a steel mounting clip, with a compression spring, for secure mounting.