Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Calibrator
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  • Temperature Range: 5°C/9°F above ambient to 430°C/806°F
  • Cooling Rate: 400°C to 100°C - 21 min
  • Heating Rate: 20°C to 400°C - 12 min
  • Stability after 15 minutes: 200°C +/- 0.03°C (Accuracy +/0.3°C); 400 °C +/- 0.05°C (Accuracy +/0.5°C)
  • Over-Temp Cutout: Approx. 450°C
  • Well Uniformity: 0.015°C @ 200°C / 0.025°C @ 400°C
  • Display Resolution: 0.1°
  • Fan Cooling: Automatic
  • Insert Immersion: 4.5"

The Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Calibrator provides a safe, dry and constant temperature source and can be used either on a bench top or as a portable field unit. The temperature range unit covered by the Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Calibrator is from 5°C above ambient up to 430°C using a machined aluminum insert block as the heat transfer medium.

The temperature control circuit is built right into the Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Calibrator. Even though the Techne UCal400+ heats up rapidly, highly efficient insulation ensures that the case remains cool enough to handle even at maximum operating temperatures. Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Calibrator has been designed to comply with all relevant Radio Frequency interference and electrical safety regulations.

The Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Portable Calibrator includes one multi-well insert (predrilled 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8" well sizes),power cable, insert extractor, NIST traceable calibration certificate and instruction manual.

Please consider these optional accessories.
Techne UCal400+ and Tecal 140/425 Inserts
Inserts for the Techne UCal400+ and Tecal 140/425 portable dry-block calibrators
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Techne UCal400+ Carrying Case
Carrying case for the Techne UCal400+ portable dry-block calibrator