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  • Can be designed to almost any shape and size
  • Temperatures up to 392°F (200°C)
  • Watt densities to 50 W/in2 (7.75 W/cm2)
  • Highly efficient etched foil heating elements
  • Highly resistant to solvents, radiation and fungus
  • Very low outgassing
  • UR and cUR approvals available

Watlow Kapton® flexible heaters provide all the versatility and benefits of Watlow's standard neoprene or silicone flexible heaters while providing a better solution for heating applications that require exceptional resistance to decay and heat damage. Kapton is a thin, lightweight organic polymer film developed by DuPont that provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, and dimensional stability. Kapton has excellent physical and electrical properties resulting in thermal stability over a wide temperature range.

Watlow Kapton flexible heaters feature an etched foil heating element covered with a thin layer of Kapton film. At just 0.007" (0.18 mm) thick, Watlow Kapton flexible heaters can be designed to almost any shape and size (up to a maximum size of 20 x 26 inches). The real advantage of Watlow Kapton flexible heaters, however, is Kapton's resistance to radiation, fungus, and solvents. For heating applications requiring low outgassing in a vacuum, Watlow Kapton flexible heaters are ideal as the weight loss for these heaters is just 0.51%.

Watlow Kapton flexible heaters are suitable for operating environments as low as -319°F (-195°C). Temperatures up to 392°F (200°C) and watt densities to 50 W/in2 (7.75 W/cm2) are generated by the Watlow Kapton flexible heater. UR® and cUR® approvals are available on many designs.

Applications for the Watlow Kapton Flexible Heaters:

  • Military/aerospace, where low outgassing properties are required
  • Medical, where thorough cleaning or sterilization is needed
  • Laboratory research
  • Photographic equipment
  • Optical equipment
  • LCD displays
  • Computer equipment

Ordering Information

Please contact us to order a Watlow Kapton flexible heaters. To help us determine which Watlow heater will best satisfy your application requirements, please determine as closely as possible the size, voltage, wattage/watt density, operating temperature, and required options of the heater you will need. Please consult the Watlow Kapton Flexible Heater Data Sheet PDF for additional information.