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  • Record up to 3,000 Pressure Measurements
  • Change Data Collection Parameters, With or Without a Computer
  • Start and Stop Multiple Collection Runs from the Keypad of your XP2i
  • Record Pressure Readings at Intervals of 1 per Second, up to 1 Every 18 Hours
  • Store an Indicated Pressure with the Push of a Button
  • View the Data on Any Windows-Equipped Computer
  • Save Data Directly into Microsoft Excel
  • Very Easy to Configure and Use!

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Crystal WT Series Pressure Gauge
Precision test gauge designed for panel-mounted applications, designed to fit in 8 or 10 inch panel mount applications
Crystal XP2i Series Pressure Gauge
Pressure gauges ranging from 15 PSI to 15,000 PSI
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Crystal XP2i-DP Series Pressure Gauge
Differential pressure gauges ranging from 15 to 100 psi, intrinsically safe, capable of continuous vacuum measurement

DataloggerXP software, working in tandem with Crystal Engineering's XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge, allows you to record up to three thousand measurements on an intrinsically safe, fully temperature compensated pressure gauge. With the XP2i's long battery life, you can take measurements for up to three months without the need for external power supplies or battery replacements.

The DataloggerXP program and XP2i Digital Test Gauge form an integral data logging solution. The software application handles all of the transfer and saving of data to your computer's hard drive, while the XP2i performs all of the actual data collection. Once measurements have been collected and transferred , DataloggerXP can save the data files directly into a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet; or, if you prefer, a comma-separated text file. There's nothing else like it!