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  • 1/16 DIN
  • Improved easy-to-use HMI
  • Universal Input (Thermocouple, RTD, mA, Voltage)
  • Jumperless input configuration
  • Auto-hardware recognition
  • Improved Windows PC configuration software
  • Process and Loop Alarms
  • Optional remote / dual setpoints
  • Optional 10V SSR driver output
  • Faster communication speeds in selectable MODBUS or ASCII format
  • Backward compatible panel cutout, housing, and terminal wiring capability


The West 6170+ VMD controller is part of a range of new generation Plus Series Valve Motor Drive Controllers (VMD) that share the same distinctive styling as the Plus Series Temperature Controllers. The 1/16 DIN West 6170+ VMD controller provides continuous on-line open loop tuning to ensure stable control at all times. Setup is easy and user-friendly.

In addition to the 1/16 DIN West 6170+ VMD controller, the expanded Plus Series Valve Motor Drive Controller platform also includes the 1/4 DIN West 4170+ VMD controller and the 1/8 DIN West 8170+ VMD controller models. These controllers incorporate numerous improvements in product specification, communication, display interface, and software to surpass competitive VMD offerings in ease of use, delivery, and value-per-dollar.

By adding more versatile features and user-friendly functionality like digital inputs, an easy-to-use HMI, jumperless and auto-hardware configuration, 24VDC transmitter power supply, and MODBUS communication, the new generation West 6170+ temperature controller transforms the complicated into the simple while saving you time (as much as 50% on product set-up), reducing inventory stock, and virtually eliminating the likelihood of operator errors.

The West 6170+ VMD controller and the other models from the Plus Series of Valve Motor Drive Controllers are affordable, well-featured, easy to use, and adaptable with performance features that work for you to make VMD control simple.

Applications for the 1/16 DIN West 6170+ VMD Controller

The West 6170+ controller is ideal for temperature / process control applications requiring a modern, value-priced temperature controller with features designed specifically for valve motor drive applications.

  • Industrial and lab ovens / furnaces
  • And any others where a low cost, small size Valve Motor Drive Controller is required