• Digital meter mounted flow monitor
  • Test Point for external frequency input
  • Flow rate / total screens
  • Large LCD back-lighted graphic display
  • 4-20mA rate output and scaled pulse output
  • Programmable outputs
  • Gate time function
  • Magnetically select any key functions


The AW Gear Meters RT-Ex15 flow monitor is a meter-mounted digital flow monitor housed in a Class I Hazardous Location rated enclosure. A large, back-lighted LCD graphic display provides an easy-to-read indication of flow rate or total in user programmable engineering units.

To change any key functions, simply use the magnet that is attached to the AW Gear Meters RT-Ex15 flow monitor. No opening of the enclosure is required. To prevent the magnet from entering the programming mode inadvertently, the AW Gear Meters RT-Ex15 flow monitor features an on-board jumper controls to allow programming via the external magnet. An isolated input also allows for remote reset of the totalizer. Programmable opto-isolated open-collector outputs provide flow rate limit indication or a pulsed total output for remote monitoring and recording of totals. A 4-20mA rate output with user programmable filtering and scaling is also provided with the AW Gear Meters RT-Ex15 flow monitor for remote indication.

NOTE: Class 1 on rating applies only to the meter enclosure. For a Class 1 rated system the RT-Ex15 must be ordered in the "Threaded HUB version" and used with an approved meter. Please contact one of our application engineers for more information.