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  • Accuracy < ±0.15 % of measured value
  • Flowrates: 14 -28 000 m3/h or 60 - 120 000 US GPM
  • Flow velocity: 0.5 - 10 m/s or 1,5 - 30 ft/s
  • For process temperatures up to 140°C / 284°F
  • Used with liquids up to 1500cSt
  • High Reliability-Multiple beams ensure redundancy and validation of results
  • Large sizes available.
  • High turndown ratio reduces the number of parallel flowlines i.e. meters
  • No (mechanical) moving parts. No wear


System Components

The ALTOSONIC V flowmeter system consists of three basic parts: the ultrasonic flow sensor (UFS-V), the signal converters (UFC-V) and the flow processor (UFP-V).

The flow sensor and the signal converter are suitable for mounting in hazardous areas. The converter is placed in a copper-free aluminum, explosion-proof, cabinet. The Alto V is used with liquids up to 1500cSt.

KROHNE offers the option to install the flow processor either in the field or in the process control room. For the field (F) version the flow processor is placed in a cabinet identical to the cabinet of the converter. The process control room (19") version has display/operator interfaces.

In addition, for extra flow calculations ALTOSONIC V flowmeter system has options available to connect for example a temperature and pressure transmitter, a densitometer, a viscositymeter and a watercut meter to the flowmeter system.

Operating principle

A multi-channel flowmeter body with 10 sensors is installed in the pipeline. 5 Acoustic sensor pairs located in the flowmeter body are controlled by the UFC-V signal converter. The converter performs the actual flow measurement for the five channels. Raw data of each individual channel are sent to and processed by a flow processor (UFP-V). The flow processor calculates the volumetric flow and can perform the flow computations as required.


This product can be used in the following applications: