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  • Ranges:
    • Flow meter (L series): 0.5 cc/min to 10 l/min
    • Flow controller (LC series): 5 cc/min to 500 cc/min
  • Accuracy: ±2% FS
  • Repeatability: ±2% FS
  • Turndown ratio 50:1
  • Optional high or low alarm
  • 0-5vdc, 0-10vdc, 1-5vdc or 4-20mA primary output
  • Secondary output available
  • NIST traceable

The Alicat Scientific L Series liquid flow meter measures differential pressure within a laminar flow region to determine volumetric flow rate. This proven method of flow measurement allows the L series to achieve substantial turndown, accuracy, and linearity across a wide flow range making it a cost effective solution for a number of liquid flow applications. A flow controller version of this meter, The LC Series, is also available.

The Alicat Scientific L Series differential pressure flow meter features a flow range from 0.5 cubic centimeters to 10 liters per minute full-scale, with standard turndowns of 50:1. The meter has a basic accuracy of ±2% FS and is repeatable to ±0.5% FS. The a digital display shows process conditions like liquid temperature and liquid pressure in addition to liquid flow rate. The L series liquid flow meter can act as three measurement devices which simplifies any process. A variety of connection, alarm and output options are available making this a truly versatile instrument.

The Alicat Scientific LC Series liquid flow controller utilizes a proportional valve coupled to a flow meter body creating a unique closed-loop flow controller system for ranges from 5 to 500 cubic centimeters/minute. The integral PID controller positions the valve according to the flow set points. These devices accept a selectable analog or digital control signal from either external devices or locally. Multiple input and output options are available. The LC Series has a dynamic digital display that simultaneously shows all the measured parameters within the meter plus a push button operator interface allows the user to select a specific parameter for the main display, make set point and control adjustments or tare the meter.

Alicat Scientific L Series flow meters and LC Series flow controllers are small enough to fit in your hand and, when combined with the battery pack accessory, are completely portable making them true stand-alone measurement devices that can be used in remote systems where power is not available or as calibration devices for embedded meters in the field. The L and LC series come ready to install from the factory.


Alicat Scientific Single ended DB15 cable
Single ended DB15 cable; 25ft
Alicat Scientific Double-ended female DB9 cable
Double-ended female DB9 cable; 3m
Alicat Scientific Mini-din cable
Single or double ended 8-pin Mini-din cable, 3 to 100ft options
In Stock
Alicat Scientific Industrial Cable
6 pin industrial cable, 10ft, 20ft or 50ft


Alicat Scientific Flow Vision SC Software
Program that interfaces with RS-232 communication that is standard on all Alicat Scientific flow and pressure products


Please consider these optional accessories.

Alicat Scientific Battery Pack
A portable battery pack can make your flow meter a powerful test and calibration device
Alicat Scientific Serial to Mini-Din Connector Cable
Allows users to access the RS-232 functions of Alicat Scientific flow meters from a PC or laptop
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Alicat Scientific Power Adapter
110/220VAC to 24VDC power adapter
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