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  • UFC III signal converter included
  • Long term stability; high reliability
  • Used for liquids with less than 10cSt viscosities
  • Nominal diameter range from DN 50- 500 (2" to 20"). Larger sizes also available- contact Instrumart for additional information.
  • Eliminates maintenance
  • Non-intrusive
  • No wear
  • No pressure loss
  • Bi-directional
  • Compliant with OIML R-117, API


Introducing the Altosonic III

The KROHNE Altosonic III is a cost effective ultrasonic flow meter for custody transfer of light oil products. The 3-beam Altosonic III is the outcome of revolutionary development of liquid multiple-beam ultrasonic flowmeters. It combines innovative technology with long-term experience to guarantee superior performance at an attractive price. The Altosonic III combines excellent repeatability and reliable flow measurement with long-term stability. In addition, this bi-directional flow meter is light, compact, and robust.

Each Altosonic III flowmeter includes the appropriate signal converter and is calibrated by means of wet calibration to guarantee the highest possible accuracy and quality.

The Altosonic III offers some decisive advantages:

  • Used for liquids with less than 10cSt viscosities
  • No obstructions in the pipeline - Altosonic III has no parts protruding into the flow, in other words no risks of flow obstruction or blockage.
  • No moving parts - Altosonic III has not a single internal moving part that can break down nor suffer from wear caused by corrosive or abrasive fluids, gas and solids or from build-up like wax. This means maintenance-free and excellent long term stability.
  • No filters - For Altosonic III filters are not required, which results in costs savings on regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning of filters and no additional pressure drop.
  • Virtually no pressure drop - Unrestricted flow means no loss of pressure. Reducing the pressure drop means smaller pump capacity, improved pipeline efficiency, and savings on energy costs.
  • Minimal maintenance and substantial savings in cost of ownership

Multi-channel ultrasonic flow measurement

Like all KROHNE ultrasonic flowmeters, the Altosonic III operates by the transit-time differential method. The measurement principle is based on a simple physical principle. Imagine two canoes crossing a river diagonally, one with the flow and one against the flow. Naturally the canoe that is travelling with the flow will reach the opposite side sooner than the canoe that is travelling upstream.

Acoustic signals behave in a comparable way. By means of ultrasonic transducers, the transit-time of acoustic signals that travel upstream and downstream are measured. The difference in transit-time is proportional to the mean liquid flow velocity and is transformed into an output signal and display of volumetric liquid flow rates.

The three measuring beams of the ALTOSONIC III make a 3-dimensional cross-section of the velocity distribution, or flow profile of the medium that flows through the flow sensor. These measuring beams are positioned such that the influence of the flow profile is strongly reduced.

***The KROHNE Altosonic III ultrasonic flowmeter requires 10 x diameter of straight pipe on the inlet section and 5 x diameter of straight pipe on the outlet section. If flow straighteners/ flow conditioners are needed, please call us for information.***


This product can be used in the following applications: