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  • Automatic pulse Doppler/Transit Time switchover
  • High accuracy (0.5%)
  • Non-invasive, clamp-on installation
  • Pulse Doppler velocity profile measurement
  • Real-time PC monitoring
  • High-speed response
  • Measure different fluids in the same pipe

Highly accurate. Non-invasive. Until now, you had to choose between these features. Now get both with the hybrid Fuji Electric Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter.

The Fuji Electric Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter is the world's first ultrasonic flow meter that automatically switches between Pulse Doppler and Transit Time technologies depending on the fluid conditions in the pipe.

The Fuji Electric Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter excels in difficult applications where other meters fail. Do you have short straight pipe runs with undeveloped flow? Do you have an application where different fluids run through the same pipe? From ultra-pure water to sludges and slurries, the Fuji Electric Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter can handle it.

The Fuji Electric Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter can measure the velocity profile in the pulse Doppler mode, resulting in higher accuracy. This makes the meter well-suited for applications with undeveloped flow and/or short straight pipe runs. The pulse Doppler mode requires suspended particles/bubbles in liquid to reflect the signal and is suitable for opaque liquids. The transit time mode uses ultrasound penetration and is suitable for "clean" liquids.

The Fuji Electric Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter automatically switches between these modes in response to changing fluid conditions such as the concentration of particles and/or air bubbles. The hybrid technology means that it can be used in virtually any fluid measurement application.

The Fuji Electric Duosonics Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit includes one converter, two detectors with mounting hardware, coaxial cables for each detector, and one three-core sensor cable.

Applications for the Fuji Electric Duosonics Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Yogurt, dressing, juice with pulp
  • Sugar liquid, milk
  • Crude oil
  • Wastewater/sewage monitoring
  • Paint

Technology Explained – Measurement Principles

Transit Time ultrasonic flow meters are well-suited for relatively clean fluids with low to moderate aeration. Transit Time flow meters operate by comparing the time for a signal to travel with the flow (downstream) against the time for a signal to travel against the flow (upstream). The difference between the transit times is proportional to the flow, and the flow meter converts it to flow rate and total.

Doppler ultrasonic flow meters are optimized for measuring high solid-content fluids such as sludges and slurries. Doppler flow meters operate by sensing the frequency shifts of signals reflected from moving particles, bubbles, or density differences within a liquid – and producing a linear signal proportional to the flow of the liquid within the pipe. The flow meter converts these frequency shifts to flow rate and total.

With both Transit Time and Doppler technologies, the transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe, providing tremendous advantages over more traditional and invasive flow measurement instruments.

These benefits include:

  • No system downtime for installation
  • No system contamination
  • No pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • No risk of leaks (simplifies regulatory approval)
  • Virtually maintenance free

This product can be used in the following applications: