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  • Specified in percent of reading like deadweight testers
  • Easy to read display, day or night
  • 5 full digits, great for leak testing
  • Available in ranges from 15 to 15,000 PSI
  • Pressure units easily accessible
  • Capture peak High or Low for relief valve testing
  • Water resistant case (per NEMA4 and IP66)
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What's in the Box

  • XP2i Gauge
  • CD Manual
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate
    NIST Traceable
  • CPF Connection Fitting: 1/4" NPT Male adapter (part no. 4698)
    (ranges 10,000 psi and lower)


The Ametek Crystal XP2i Series are unlike any other pressure gauges. Their looks, performance, and construction are different from anything else available.

Pressure gauges from the XP2i Series are very rugged. Their displays are protected by a hard polycarbonate lens, and their circuitry is mounted in elastomer for shock resistance. The case and sensor are made of stainless steel to provide resistance to corrosion as well as an excellent barrier to emissions from cell phones, two-way radios, and other electrically noisy equipment. The case is gasketed and water resistant per NEMA4 and IP66. A replaceable filter in the sensor keeps out debris.

Unlike mechanical gauges, Ametek Crystal XP2i Series pressure gauges have the ability to survive large over-pressure events with no change in calibration.

The XP2i Series is very easy to use. No menus - just buttons. They can be calibrated via the keypad or the RS232 port. The display backlight is one of the best available on this type of pressure gauge. Combine an XP2i with a pressure controller, and you can calibrate XP2i's automatically.

The Ametek Crystal XP2i Series is very accurate. The XP2i is rated in percent of reading - like deadweight testers - but unlike deadweight testers, they're not affected by ambient temperature or local gravity. These pressure gauges are full temperature compensated, so the accuracy is the same over the entire operating temperature range. They can even be used to measure vacuum. Because the rating is "of reading", one XP2i can often replace two or more ordinary gauges.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

High Accuracy Monitoring of Tire Pressure on NHRA Dragsters

The Background: Our customer is a racing team that competes in NHRA Drag Racing. They seek a highly accurate pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure in their stable of dragsters.

The Problem: In drag racing, maintaining proper tire pressure is critical for success. Tires are generally only inflated to between 4 to 6 psi of pressure which is compensated for temperatures on the racetrack. Failure to maintain proper tire pressure can cause the tires to lose grip which will almost certainly result in losing the race and, perhaps, even create a safety hazard. The gauge must be accurate to tenths of a pound of pressure. As there is fuel and other hazards, the gauge must also be hazardous area approved.

The Solution: The Crystal XP2I is a high accuracy gauge that is made for hazardous environments and has an exceptional accuracy of 0.1% of reading and no change in accuracy over a temperature range of 14 to 122˚F. This combined with LCD display that is readable in sunlight makes a perfect gauge for this tough application.

Pressure Testing Cryogenic Fuel Storage Tanks

The Background: Our customer is a national laboratory that performs testing on rocket engines. The nature of their work requires them to transport and store liquid rocket propellants which must be stored cryogenically and under pressure to maintain them in their liquid state. Tanks for storing or transporting cryogenic fuels must be pressure tested regularly to conform to regulatory requirements. The customer seeks an efficient means for performing this testing.

The Problem: Liquid rocket propellants require special handling. They must be stored at very high pressures making it important that the tanks that hold them are structurally sound. Since these fuels are often flammable, kept at dangerously low temperatures, and present an asphyxiation hazard when leaked into the atmosphere; leaks present an immediate hazard.

The Solution: We recommended the Crystal XP2i Series pressure gauge. Engineered for tough environments, the XP2i is accurate up to ±0.02% on pressures up to 15,000 psi. The gauge includes data logging capabilities and an RS-232 digital communications interface to facilitate report generation. Intrinsically safe approvals ensure the XP2i is safe to use in hazardous environments.

In Stock

Part Number Pressure Range Accuracy Price Available
5000 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,541.00 6 in stock
2000 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,541.00 3 in stock
100 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,541.00 2 in stock
10,000 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,626.00 2 in stock
15 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,541.00 2 in stock
15,000 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,952.00 1 in stock
30 PSI
0.1% of reading
$1,541.00 1 in stock

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