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  • Flow ranges from 0.3 to 300 GPM (1 to 1000 LPM)
    • User can switch between gallons and liters
  • Choice of aluminum or nylon body materials
  • Installs vertically or horizontally
  • 14 to 140°F operating temp with integral display
    • -40 to 250°F with remote assembly kit
  • Output capabilities available to communicate with process control equipment
  • Powered by lithium batteries

The GPI A1 turbine flow meter is a commercial grade electronic digital flow meter. The GPI A1 turbine flow meter offers durable, compact, and high precision fluid measurement. This unique package combines the meter and the LCD into a self-contained and compact unit, making the GPI A1 turbine flow meter an excellent choice for use even in the most remote locations.

Every GPI A1 turbine flow meter is equipped with a self-contained turbine or paddlewheel flow sensor, precisely matched to an integral battery-powered flow computer. The lightweight and compact design of the GPI A1 turbine flow meter allows for vertical or horizontal installations in areas where other flow meters cannot be used. The GPI A1 turbine flow meter is powered by lithium batteries for long life.

Features of the GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter

  • 2 Totals (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative)
  • Factory Calibration in gallons and liters
  • 2 User Calibrations and Flowrate

The GPI A1 turbine flow meter bodies are available in your choice of either nylon for water and other non-aggressive liquids or aluminum for fuel and other petroleum products. FM Approved as Intrinsically Safe, the GPI A1 turbine flow meter is perfectly suited for use in hazardous locations.

GPI Remote Assembly Kit
Modifies GPI Meters for remote indication or high or low fluid temperature metering applications
GPI Conditioned Signal Output Module
Provides an unscaled, amplified, digital signal capable of transmission up to 5,000 feet
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GPI FM Approved Sensor
Designed for use with A1 & G2 Meters when pulse output is required and the meter is located within a hazardous location