Customer Comments

My order arrived the other day and I'm very appreciative. First, it is was exactly what I ordered. Second, the website I ordered on is so user friendly. Third (since I'm on a roll) the price was much better than anything else I found, except for a Chinese import vaguely described in incomprehensible English. Your consistent follow ups were also greatly reassuring and appreciated. I'm going to forward your website to my former Instrumentation teacher so all his graduating techs can learn of you. - Andrew D. , Altavista, VA
Thank you for your prompt service. I was very pleased with my order. It was delivered in a good timely manner. If I should need any more instruments, I will be checking with you. - Jim A. , Oak Ridge, NC
Nothing but good things to say about buying from you guys - had the same experience a few years ago when I purchased 3 IR guns from you when I was working for another company. Thanks for the follow-up. - Dave L. , Queensbury, NY
I found Instrumart on line and wound up speaking to Joel Wells on the phone. Super-helpful is somewhat cliche, but he did a great job, educating me even as he took my order. He sold me a Flir I7 infrared camera. It arrived right on time. Since my camera arrived he has already given me a couple of pieces of advice both online and on the phone. I hope all your tech support people are this good. - Mac P. , Saint Paul, MN
Thanks for having such a quality product at a great price. I will be ordering from you folks in the future! - Mike E. , Fort Sam Houston, TX
My transaction went as smooth as could be. The representative was extremely helpful and saw to my needs in a most expeditious way. Everything was as promised. I could not have asked for better service. Please thank him for me. - Bob C. , Blytheville, AR
I received the order on Friday, it was very quick and I am satisfied with how the entire process was handled, thanks for following up on the status of the order, have a great day! - Jesus F. , Somerset, NJ
We just finished installing and setting up the unit. We are using it to replace a unit on an indoor pool heater/dehumidifier. My engineer son-in-law did all the product research and legwork... or I'd have been absolutely lost. He spoke twice with Alex. Once to figure out if your product would work in our application, and then this morning to verify our installation and setup was correct. Though I just sat, watched, and listened, I could tell Alex was extremely knowledgeable (my son-in-law heartily confirmed this) which made the whole set up go quickly and easily. He offered a great suggestion for our application as well which simplified it and now we are back in operation! Thanks for a great product and product support team! - Dave C. , Vancouver, WA
Normally these customer surveys I ignore, but in this case I want you to know how stellar Matt Wheeler was in responding to my critical need. I called late in the afternoon and spoke with Matt, who told me he had just sold the last RTD meter in stock. Well within minutes, Matt calls me back explaining how his other customer doesn’t need the meter for at least a week, so he’s agreed to allow Matt to ship me the meter. On top of this, it’s later in the afternoon and the UPS driver will be at your facility in 20 minutes. I’m thinking, there’s no way Matt will have time to finish the paperwork and ship same day. Well, I was shocked when the receptionist brought the meter into my office at 10AM the next morning. Kudos to Matt Wheeler. With this kind of above and beyond performance, I will certainly be inclined to call Matt again the next time I am in need of a test instrument. I have not contacted him back since we last spoke, but please thank Matt for his over-the-top support. I’m sure he’s a valued employee and rightfully so! - Bob R. , Durango, CO
Thank you for checking on this order. We received the camera on Wednesday. I was very happy with how smooth everything went and your patience with us while evaluating which camera to purchase, answering questions, etc. - Steve C. , Springfield, MO
The entire process went very smoothly. I greatly appreciate the manner in which my order was handled, especially during this very busy season! - Jeri M. , Fort Collins, CO
Mathias was fantastic. If I'd spoken with him a month ago, my choice of pH meter would've been resolved much more quickly. Instrumart is where we will be returning for our future meter and parts needs. Thanks, - Sonya S., Lebanon, OH
Dear Charles, I was extremely happy with the service I received. The order was processed amazingly fast and I received my items within just a few days. When we need additional items, I would be happy to reorder from your company. Kind regards, - Jennifer F., Byron Center, MI
I am so impressed with the service of your company! It took me a long time online, hours searching, to find your company. I was looking for a pH meter and very few companies came up, but after toying around for a long while I ended up finding Intrumart. People looking for anything that you sell should be able to find your company easily, because you are really a fantastic company to work with. I never write to companies, but wow. Usually, an online company doesn't have your engineering help, special packaging with such quick, personal service, free shipping and a great price! I checked the tracking info and my package will be delivered today! Really why would anyone buy from any other company than yours? Somehow get yourself more visible online. Your company is way ahead of the rest! Thank you so very much! A very grateful and impressed customer! - Ann T. , Fredericktown, OH
I just sent that order, that was remarkably quick!! Thank you, that is great. I appreciate the speedy follow up and will wait for shipping information. Thanks again! - Renee N. , Houston, TX
I am very pleased with your service & quick delivery time. Thank you and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone! - Bill D. , York, NE
Hi Charles, We have received the item and it is installed and working perfectly. I would like to say that Joel in customer support has been most valuable in helping us and has made purchasing from you a very pleasant experience. Thanks Alex R. - Alex R., Monrovia, CA
I'm not only happy with my purchase and your company, but impressed as well at the quick response and quality of service. The delivery time was ideal, balancing cost with efficiency. If I have questions or issues come up in the weeks and months ahead, I'll be sure to look you up for advice and assistance. - Tim W. , Iowa City, IA
I am very pleased with the transactions I have done with Instrumart. Dwight Mohn has been great to deal with, he is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. The replacement controller he sold us works better and is easier to use than the factory installed unit. Thanks again for your assistance! - Ben M., Winooski, VT
Thank you for your follow up. My package did arrive and in very good condition. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Alex was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional and he was the reason I ordered from your company. I received my camera and needed to run an appointment, so I called your company and talked to tech support (Shawn). He helped me set the camera up fast so I could make my appointment. When I have a need for more equipment I will call you first. - Edward K. , Mount Prospect, IL
I wanted to let your company know what an incredible asset Jason Dooley is to your team of engineers. He has personally made this sale. I’ve had a hard time finding sales engineers who are willing to keep their potential customers informed of the quote process, and Jason did just that. He kept me informed every step of the way, and was very prompt and knowledgeable about finding the answers I needed. I look forward to working with Instrumart in the future for all of my flow needs. - Don H. , Golden, CA
Thanks for follow-up. I truly appreciate your caring attitude. - Mike C. , Maple Grove, MN
Hilary, I received my order yesterday. Your service was great and the product got to me quickly after my order. Thank you Instrumart. - Frank P. , Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Charles, My order arrived. Thank you so much for your assistance in ordering the Polyclear. I know it took a bit of work to get registered with the City of Grand Rapids webprocure system so that the order could be placed. The staff at Instrumart was very helpful and friendly. They kept me informed during the entire process. My appreciation goes out to Diana Corkum, Shawn Steady, and Jonathan Tran. I’m looking forward to doing business with Instrumart in the future. - Sandra B., Grand Rapids, MI
It has been a pleasure working with you. You are MORE than helpful!!! Thank you so much! - Pam W. , Longview, TX
Hi Shane! The package just arrived! You are an outstanding representative for your company, making this customer (and I’m sure others) feel like a friend! Thank you so much, - Bev S., Iowa
Charles I received the meter as scheduled. Everything was very satisfactory with the purchase and should I need another device I will definitely consider your company. This was an emergency order for us in an attempt to meet the unusual demands of one of our largest customers. Ross was great in assisting me with this project. When I called I had no idea what I needed only the parameters of the project. Ross talked me through the options and as of now everything is working. Sincerely, - Donnie A., Tallahassee, FL
Shawn, I want to tell you - I've been in this business for 30 years and it’s hard to impress me. Today you and Instrumart did just that. Thanks! - Al H., Macon, GA
Thanks so much for your quick response. We really appreciate your friendly, well oiled and organized business. Have a very successful and happy New Year. - Milo R., Howell, MI
Everything was great from my call to inquire about which instrument to purchase to the quick shipping. Thank you very much. - Joe C. , Milford, MA
It has arrived and I am very pleased with it. I initially contacted your firm with a question about the product and received a very prompt reply. That type of support along with your offer of free tech support, e-mail follow-ups, and a competitive price lead to my purchase decision. I will definitely purchase from you again. I’m impressed. Thank you. - Ralph Y. , Callands, VA
Thanks for the update. You all do a very good job with this and it is appreciated. Enjoy the holidays. - Hank R. , Albany, OR
Since you have taken the time to contact me I will do the same. Both the purchasing and tech support were excellent. I will look to Instumart for my controller needs from now on. Thank you! - Daryl B. , Avon, CT
Hi Matt, Thank you for your help today! I am impressed with your company’s customer service. I appreciated your help and just wanted you to know. Best Regards, - Christine G., Monticello, IN