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SpotSee SpotBot CEL Impact Indicator
Measures and records shock and location, and is cellular-communication capable for collecting data
SpotSee SpotBot BLE Impact Indicator
Measures and records temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, and delivers data via Bluetooth to a mobile app
SpotSee ShockLog 298 Impact Monitor
Records vibration, temperature, humidity, tilt & roll conditions with user-programmable impact scale & frequency filters
SpotSee OpsWatch Vibration Monitor
Continuous monitoring and recording of low-frequency, seismic vibration and shock
HOBO Pendant G Data Logger
Measurements of tilt, acceleration and motion, waterproof housing for wet or underwater use
SpotSee ShockLog 248 Impact Monitor
Records up to 15 impact events & is available in 10G, 30G or 100G scale ranges with user-programmable alarm levels
MadgeTech Shock101 Tri-Axial Shock Data Logger
Tri-Axial shock data logger will measure and record up to 349,525 measurements per axis
MadgeTech UltraShock Data Logger
Compact, battery-powered and stand-alone data logger for pressure, humidity, temperature, & tri-axial shock
SpotSee ShockLog Satellite Impact Tracking System
ShockLog 298 impact monitor combined with a satellite communication module offering real-time alerts & post-journey analytics
MadgeTech Motion110 Motion Data Logger
Miniature, low-cost, motion data logger that can record up to 13,107 time stamped events
SpotSee G-View Impact Monitor
User programmable X, Y & Z impact thresholds with data logging for up to 100 events per axis & iButton data transfer
Testo 184 G1 Temperature, Humidity and Shock Data Logger
Easy-to-use data logger for the monitoring of shock, relative humidity and temperature during transportation
MadgeTech TSR101 Shock Data Logger
Tri-Axial transient shock recorder for approximately 349,000 measurements per axis
MadgeTech SVR101 Spectral Vibration Data Logger
Records and time-tags 3-axis vibrations and peaks to provide a history of shock and vibration conditions
Extech VB300 3-Axis G-Force Data Logger
Data logger with built-in 3-axis accelerometers that records the time when shock occurs