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GE Automation Rx3i l/O Modules
Discrete input/output, relay output, analog input/output, mixed analog, temperature control modules available
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GE Automation RSTi-EP I/O Modules
Digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, and safe feed-input active modules
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GE Automation VersaMax I/O Modules
I/O modules that offer seamless integration with the PACSystems control family, for reliable, high performance solutions
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GE Automation RSTi Slice I/O modules
Digital input, digital output, analog input and analog output modules
GE Automation PAC8000 I/O Modules
SafetyNet IO Modules are certified for use in safety-related applications up to and including SIL 2
GE Automation VersaMax I/O Carriers
VersaMax I/O Carriers, box, barrier or spring clamp connections, compact models available
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GE Automation PAC8000 I/O Module Carriers
Designed for 2/2 modules and are for either 32 or 64 module addressing
GE Automation PAC8000 Railbus Isolator Carrier
Together with the 8922-RB-IS Railbus Isolator, to isolate the 2/2 modules from the 2/1 modules