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GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller
Measures flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, pressure, level, and temperature
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Greyline Instruments SLT 5.0 Level & Flow Monitor
Non-contact ultrasonic system used to measure & control liquid level or monitor & totalize open channel flow through any flume or weir
Greyline Instruments PSL 5.0 Level Controller
Pump and lift station level controller with 6 independently programmable control relays
Greyline Instruments LIT25 Level Transmitter
Non-contacting ultrasonic sensor that accurately displays, controls and transmits level
Greyline Instruments DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter
Differential level and control plus open channel flow monitoring with two non-contacting ultrasonic sensors
Mercoid MPC Jr Level Controller
Versatile level control with programmable level differential for on/off control of one or two pumps, valves, or other devices through two SPDT relays
Kobold NBK-M Level Indicator
Economical level indicator for lengths up to 9.8 feet with a maximum pressure of 580 psig
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Level Pro TVL Series Level Controller
Level process display, NEMA 4X enclosure, 4-20mA input, plug & play design
Flowline LC4 / LC9 Series Switch Pro Remote Level Controller
Three configurations for pump and valve control, fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
Flowline AZ23 / AU23 / AV23 Smart Trak Level Controller
Compact, fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0 to 60 second delay, choice of ultrasonic, vibration or buoyancy technology
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Mercoid MPC Level Controller
Compatible with almost any style level transmitter providing versatile level control
Level Pro 250-1121 Level Controller
4-20 mA universal loop-powered, NEMA 4X enclosure, 4 digit LED display
Gems Series DC Liquid Level Control
Liquid level control for applications where only direct current power is available
Keller Castello Tank Contents Measurement System
Flexible, modular tank contents measurement system for liquids in ventilated or pressurized tanks
Gems Series 19MR Liquid Level Control
Conductivity based liquid level control is the ideal choice where pump up or pump down service is necessary
Gems Series A / AM Liquid Level Control
Conductivity based liquid level control in open circuit board or module designs
Flowline DataKeep 300500 XP Level Indicator
Explosion-proof, loop-powered level indicator for wall mounting in hazardous environments
Gems Series 16 Control Module
Engineered for general purpose single-level or differential applications
Gems Series TA73X Alarm Panel
Intrinsically safe monitoring panel for simple tank monitoring needs
Gems Series 16M Control Module
Conductivity based plug-in liquid level control module
Level Pro Sentinel 247 Series Level Transmitter
Remote monitoring through cellular networks, battery operated, tank or sump level monitoring, NEMA 4X high enclosure
Gems Series 26 Low-Water Cutoff
Designed for boiler low-water cutoff protection
Gems Series DF Liquid Level Control
Designed to control two independent level functions: one single-level control operation and one differential-level operation
KEP LEVELtrol II Level Indicator
Level and Tank Volume/Mass Indicator, Level Control, Tank Volume, Corrected Volume and Mass Calculations
Gems Series 27 Liquid Level Control
Intrinsically safe conductivity based liquid level controls
Gems Series 67 Level Control
An ideal solution to liquid level problems in hazardous applications
Gems Series RA431 Alarm Panel
Alarm panel for non-hazardous liquid monitoring applications
Gems Series 47 Alarm Panel Control
Intrinsically safe alarm panel control in a single package
Gems Series 26M Low-Water Cutoff
Plug-In low-water cutoff module meets CSD1 requirements for boiler low-water cutoff