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About Cable Fault Testers / TDR

Megger CFL535G Time Domain Reflectometer
Advanced dual channel TDR, range up to 20000m, Backlit graphics color LCD (800x480) display, designed for use on all metallic paired cables
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Megger TDR900 Time Domain Reflectometer
15 to 12,000 ft range; ±2% accuracy
AEMC Fault Meter Pro CA7027 Cable Tester
11 range scales indicating cable faults and terminations up to 19,000ft
AEMC Wire Mapper Pro CA7028 Cable Tester
0 to 500 ft range; ±5% accuracy; graphical and digital display of fault type and location
Megger CFL510G Time Domain Reflectometer
Hand held, 30ft to 15,000ft range, ±1% accuracy, test leads included
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AEMC Fault Mapper CA7024 Cable Tester
0 to 6000 ft range; ±2% reading
Megger TDR500/3 Time Domain Reflectometer
Ranges from 30 to 15,000ft; ±1% accuracy; test leads included
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AEMC TR03 Cable Tester
Small, handheld tracer that aids in the identification of tone carrying wires without piercing insulation
Megger TDR2010 Time Domain Reflectometer
Dual Channel capability with dual aspect display, range up to 20000m with a minimum resolution of 0.1m
Megger TDR2050 Time Domain Reflectometer
Two channel cable fault locator for power applications, CAT IV 600 V input protection, step and pulse TDR selections