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GE Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer Packages
Package includes PM880 Hygrometer, moisture probe and PM880 sample system
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Fluke 971 Temperature / Humidity Meter
Compact and lightweight humidity and air temperature meter
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Vaisala DM70 Dewpoint Meter
Hand-held dewpoint meter designed for industrial spot-checking and field calibration applications
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GE General Eastern OptiSonde Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
Compact, rugged chilled mirror hygrometer for metrology labs and industrial applications
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GE General Eastern DewPro MMY30
Dewpoint transmitter probe
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GE Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer
Intrinsically safe, portable moisture analyzer / hygrometer
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Testo 635 Thermo Hygrometer
Humidity and temperature meter with wireless and memory options
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GE Panametrics dew.IQ Trace Moisture Analyzer
Single-channel analyzer trace measures moisture in process gases
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Extech RH520A Chart Recorder
Paperless chart recorder provides simultaneous numerical and graphical display of humidity and temperature
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Testo 625 Thermo Hygrometer
Handheld humidity and temperature meter with remote probe or wireless options
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GE Panametrics HygroPro
Intrinsically safe trace moisture transmitter
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COSA Xentaur XDT Dewpoint Transmitter
Continually monitors dewpoint levels in gases to as low as -148°F (-100°C)
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Rotronic HygroPalm 22 Handheld Humidity Meter
Relative humidity, temperature and dew point measurement with the highest-possible measuring accuracy
COSA Xentaur XPDM Dewpoint Meter
High-speed portable dewpoint transmitter
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Extech RH300 Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer
External probe temperature measurements for differential
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GE General Eastern DewPro MMR31
Industrial humidity and dewpoint transmitter
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GE General Eastern Optica Series
Chilled mirror hygrometer
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Testo 610 Air Humidity and Temperature Meter
Pocket-sized professional moisture measurement technology
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GE General Eastern DewPro MMR101
High-temperature humidity and dewpoint transmitter
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GE Panametrics air.IQ Moisture Analyzer Kit
Complete package for moisture measurement in safe environment inert gas applications with gas pressure up to 200 psig
Rotronic HygroFlex5-Series Humidity Transmitters
Intelligent humidity and temperature transmitters where all psychrometric calculations may be output as an analog signal
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COSA Xentaur HDT Dewpoint Transmitter
Loop-powered hybrid dewpoint transmitter for compressed air and refrigerant dryer applications
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Rotronic HygroPalm 23 Handheld Humidity Meter
Dual input RH, temperature and dew point measurement with the highest-possible measuring accuracy
Testo 645 Humidity Meter
Long-term stable, highly accurate humidity sensor, data analysis using comSoft 3
GE General Eastern DewPro MMY245
Portable dewpoint analyzer and validation system
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Vaisala DMT143 Dewpoint Transmitter
Miniature DRYCAP dewpoint transmitter is an ideal choice for small industrial dryers and other OEM applications
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Protimeter Hygromaster Humidity and Dewpoint Meter
Measures percent RH, temperature and dewpoint
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COSA Xentaur LPDT Dewpoint Transmitter
Loop powered (2-wire) dewpoint transmitter with display
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GE General Eastern DewPro MMY31
Dewpoint transmitter probe
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Michell Instruments SF52 Dew Point Transmitter
Simple, cost effective sensor designed for use in harsh industrial dryer applications, range: -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
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Vaisala DMT242 Dewpoint Transmitter
Provides reliable and stable measurements in low-dewpoint industrial dryer applications
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GE Panametrics Aurora Moisture Analyzer
Laser-based analyzer for precise moisture measurements of natural gas
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Rotronic HygroFlex3-Series Humidity Transmitters
HVAC transmitters for relative humidity, temperature and dew point with ±2.0 %rh / 0.3 K system accuracy
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Extech EA20 EasyView Hygro-Thermometer
Large display hygro-thermometer for RH, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb measurements
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Vaisala DMT340 Series Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitters
Dewpoint and temperature transmitters designed for industrial low humidity applications
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GE General Eastern DY5 Process Moisture Probe
Replacement moisture probe for the MMY2650 System (US model)
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Vaisala DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitter
Affordable dew point measurement instrument designed to verify the functionality of refrigerant dryers.
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Vaisala DPT146 Dewpoint Transmitter
Measures both dew point and process pressure in compressed air systems
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GE Panametrics PM880AC Hygrometer Packages
Non Intrinsically-Safe hygrometer package includes PM880AC Hygrometer, moisture probe and sample system
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Vaisala DRYCAP DMT152 Dewpoint Transmitter
OEM Dewpoint Transmitter designed for low dewpoint even down to -80°C
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Extech HD500 Psychrometer with IR Thermometer
3-in-1 instrument with humidity meter, Type K thermometer, and non-contact infrared thermometer
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EdgeTech DewMaster Dew Point Hygrometer
Measures dew point, absolute pressure, PPMv and other psychrometric variables
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GE General Eastern DewPro MMR30
Compact, mid-range moisture transmitter designed specifically for refrigeration dryer manufacturers and users
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Rotronic HygroFlex7-Series Humidity Transmitters
Heavy duty, intelligent humidity and temperature transmitters for the toughest industrial environments
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GE Panametrics moisture.IQ Moisture Analyzer
Multichannel, multifunction aluminum oxide-based moisture analyzer, measures trace moisture, pressure and temperature
15% Off a new moisture.IQ with qualified upgrade
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Telaire Humitrac XR Dew Point Transmitter
Rugged, compact dew point, wet bulb or enthalpy transmitter designed for the building automation/HVAC market
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EdgeTech DewTrak II Dew Point & Humidity Transmitter
Wall, duct, pipe or remote mounting with ± 0.2°C accuracy and ±0.05°C repeatability
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EdgeTech 1500 Portable Dew Point Monitor
Self-contained monitoring system includes everything needed for fast accurate dew point measurements
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Extech RH350 Dual Input Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer
Two Type K external probe inputs for superheat plus memory
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Extech RH401 Psychrometer with Infrared Thermometer
Psychrometer with convenient infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurements
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