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Aalborg GFM Mass Flow Meters
Thermal mass flow meter for clean gases, flow ranges starting from 0 to 10 SCCM to 0 to 1000 SLPM, Replaces the AA30-A
Fox Thermal FT3 Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter
Explosion-proof thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter with inline and insertion options
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TSI Alnor 4000 Series Mass Flow Meters
Platinum film sensor design, 4 millisecond flow response, NIST-traceable, ±2% of reading accuracy
Fox Thermal FT2A Mass Flow Meter
Thermal mass flow meter and temperature transmitter with inline and insertion options for gas applications
Fox Thermal FT1 Mass Flow Meter
Insertion thermal gas mass flow meter & temperature transmitter, 4-20mA primary output with choice of pulse or RS485 secondary
E+E EE771 / EE772 Inline Flow Meter
Inline flow meter for compressed air and gases, 1/2in (DN15) to 3in (DN80) sizes available
Brooks SLA5800 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Elastomer sealed, digital thermal mass flow meter for general purpose, flow ranges starting at 0.003 to 50 lpm up to 100 to 2500 lpm
Aalborg GFC Mass Flow Controllers
Thermal mass flow controller for clean gases, 10 sccm to 1000 sl/min, replaces the AA30-B
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Brooks GF100 / GF120 / GF125 Mass Flow Controllers
High Purity and Ultra-High Purity Digital Thermal Mass Flow Devices, flow range from 3 sccm to 55 slm, MultiFlo capabilities
Aalborg XFM Mass Flow Meters
Digital thermal mass flow meters for clean gases
E+E EE741 Inline Flow Meter
Modular, compact, inline flow meter for compressed air and gases, hot film sensor element
Testo 6440 Series Compressed Air Flow Meters
Measures compressed air flow to aid in the determination of leakage, consumption and the implementation of peak load management
Brooks GF40 Mass Flow Controller
Elastomer sealed thermal mass flow controllers and meter, multiflo technology, Flow ranges 3 sccm to 50 slpm
Brooks GF101 / GF121 / GF126 Mass Flow Controllers
High purity / ultra-high purity high flow digital mass flow devices, flow rates up to 300 slpm, corrosion resistant hastelloy C-22 sensor tube
Brooks SLAMf Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Highly configurable platform, flow ranges 0.003 up to 2500 lpm, NEMA4X / IP66 rated enclosure
Brooks GF135 Thermal Mass Flow Controller
Pressure transient insensitive mass flow controller with real-time flow error detection and advanced diagnostics
Brooks GF80 / GF81 Mass Flow Controllers
Digital mass flow controllers and meters, metal seals, multiflo capabilities, flow ranges from 3 sccm up to 300 slm