East Hills Instruments was founded in 1992, specifically to serve the needs of manufacturing and power plants worldwide with regard to unusual and hard to find instrumentation, test equipment, and controls. East Hills Instruments is a member of the Instrument Society of America and the National Conference of Standards Laboratories.

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East Hills Instruments Magnum Pro MVP-600
Calibration pump with vacuum to 600 PSI, compatible with all gauges & calibrators
East Hills Instruments M-10 Magnum Pro Hydraulic Calibration Pump
Adjustable stroke control for fast priming or filling of test systems up to 10,000 psi (700bar)
East Hills Instruments Magnum Pro MP
Pressure & vacuum calibration pump with pressure to 100 psi and vacuum to 28"Hg
East Hills Instruments M-80 Magnum Low Pro Volume Pressure Chamber
High resolution & stability for low pressure calibrations
East Hill Instruments Loopy 5000 / 6000 Power Supply
Portable, economic and durable 24VDC power sources for powering field transmitters
East Hills Instruments PP-4  Magnum Pro Pneumatic Pump
Fully versatile pneumatic pump capable of generating pressure up to 4,000 psi without liquid
East Hills Instruments HK-1 Hose Kit
Hose kit for Magnum Pro MP-P and MP-V pumps, 2ft standard hose, 1/8in NPT male x 1/8in NPT female
East Hills Instruments MP-P/V RK Rebuild Kit
Rebuild Kit for Magnum Pro MP-P or MP-V pumps