For over 20 years, Phasetronics has been a leader in solid state power control technology. Phasetronics has established a worldwide reputation for "state-of-the-art" engineering and design of both standard and customized products. Phasetronics' quality control and manufacturing standards are second to none in the industry. read more

From design engineering to manufacturing, Phasetronics offers the most reliable products available today. Phasetronics' products are equipped with the latest computer-controlled tools, assuring customers of outstanding quality assurance at an economical price. Phasetronics power control products are being used in a wide variety of applications worldwide including furnaces and ovens, integrated circuit processing equipment, temperature control, and more.

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Phasetronics EP1 Series SCR
High performance Silicon Controlled Rectifiers for AC phase control
Phasetronics EZ1 Series SCR
High performance Silicon Controlled Rectifiers for Zero-Cross AC phase control