Martel MECP Pneumatic Pumps
High and low pressure hand operated pneumatic pumps with vacuum capabilities
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Martel MC-1210 Multi-Function Calibrator
Precision, dual display multi-function calibrator
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Martel BetaGauge PI Pro Pressure Gauge
Combines the accuracy, performance and feature set of digital technology with the simplicity of analog gauges
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Martel 3001 Multi-Function Calibrator
Lab standard multi-function calibrator with isolated measurement channel
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Martel PTC-8010 RTD and Thermocouple Calibrator
Precision universal temperature, RTD and thermocouple calibration device
Martel BetaGauge PIR Pro Pressure Gauge
Reference class digital pressure gauges provide accuracy to ±0.04% of reading
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Martel MS-420 Mini-Source Loop Calibrator
Small and portable multi-purpose process loop calibrator
Martel T140 Pressure Calibrator
Pressure calibrators / manometers with laboratory-grade accuracy
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Martel BetaGauge 330 Pressure Calibrator
Hand-held pressure calibrator with integral electric pressure pump
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Martel MECP10K Hydraulic Pump
Hand operated hydraulic pump that can generate pressure up to 10,000 psi
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Martel LC-100 Loop Calibrator
Precision 4-20mA loop calibrator; simulate, power, and measure two-wire transmitters
Martel MC-1010 Multi-Function Calibrator
High accuracy, multi-function process calibrator
Martel BetaGauge 311 and 321 Pressure Calibrators
High accuracy single and dual sensor pressure calibrators
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Martel DMC-1410 Documenting Multi-Function Calibrator
A precision dual display documenting calibrator
Martel TC-100 Thermocouple Calibrator
Accurate source and measurement of ten common thermocouples
Martel Millennium M2000A Calibrator
Multifunction bench calibrators
Martel IVC-222HPII Voltage/Current Calibrator
Handheld calibrator with calibration lab accuracy
Martel DPC-30 Pneumatic Calibrator
Highly accurate digital pressure calibrator for pneumatic field instrumentation
Martel Electronics LC-110 / LC-110H Calibrator
Precision current loop calibrator with HART communications & diagnostics
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Martel Electronics DPC-300A Dual System Pneumatic Calibrator
Regulated plant air to 100 psi, integral electric pump to 300 psi, ±0.025% FS accuracy, built-in loop calibrator
Martel PSC-4010 Process Calibrator
High accuracy, portable process signal calibrator
Martel BetaGauge 301 Pressure Calibrator
Value-oriented, general-purpose pressure calibrator
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Martel BPPA-100 BetaPort Pressure Adapter
Pressure adapter makes BetaPort Pressure modules compatible with Martel pressure calibrators
Martel LDT-500 Dirt/Moisture Trap
Martel AC Adaptor/Charger
AC Adapter/Charger for Martel multi-function calibrators
Martel Temperature Probe Kit
Type-K Probes for Use with Martel Meters and Calibrators
Martel MECP-24 Loop Power Supply
External 24 VDC Power Input
Martel Communications Cables
Communications cables for Martel multi-function calibrators
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Martel Electronics High Pressure Hose Kit
Martel Batteries & Recharger
Your choice of batteries and charger for Martel multi-function calibrators
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Martel Electronics Repair Kit
Martel BetaGauge 330 Rechargeable Battery Pack Kit
Includes battery pack, charger and patch cable
Martel Electronics Standard Test Leads
Standard test leads , stackable red/black pair
Martel Electronics 1919896 USB Communications Cable
USB communications cable, LEMO to USB with driver CD
Martel BetaLOG Data Logging Software
High performance data logging software for Martel BetaGauge PI Pro and BetaGauge PIR Pro digital pressure gauges
Martel OTS-100 Calibration Certificate Printer
Portable, battery operated calibration certificate printer for DMC-1400 calibrator
Martel Electronics 5353 Power Cords
5353 Power Cords, US, Euro and UK style for the DPC-300A Pressure Calibrator
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Martel Electronics Mini Grabber Test Leads
Mini grabber® test leads, red/black pair for the LC-110 and LC-110H
Martel Panel Mounting Flange
Panel Mounting Flange for BetaGauge PI Pro and PIR Pro Digital Test Gauges
Martel Protective Rubber Boot
Protective Rubber Boot for BetaGauge PI Pro and PIR Pro Digital Test Gauges
Martel Electronics 80438 Universal Charger
Universal charger for the DPC-300A
Martel Electronics 3535061 Battery Pack
Battery pack for the DPC-300A
Martel Electronics BetaLOG-HART Logging Software
CD with USB communications cable
Martel BetaLOG TI Software
Software for use with the Martel BetaProbe TI