Established in 1914, MSA Safety Incorporated is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Many MSA products integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations. The company's comprehensive line of products is used by workers around the world in a broad range of markets, including the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, the fire service, the construction industry, mining, and the military. The company is headquartered north of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Township, Pa.

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MSA ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector
Rugged, multi-gas meter loaded with features that provide maximum safety while making the instrument easy to use
$2,263.00 to $4,524.00
MSA ALTAIR 4XR Multigas Detector
Live gas readings, simultaneously measures up to four gases and includes MotionAlert and InstantAlert safety features
MSA ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector
One or two gas detector delivers unparalleled performance while minimizing cost and and delivering enhanced worker safety
MSA ALTAIR Single Gas Detector
High-performance, cost-effective single gas detectors designed for a superior lifespan
MSA ALTAIR 4X Mining Multigas Detector
Extremely durable multigas detector optimized for mining and includes MotionAlertâ„¢ and InstantAlertâ„¢ safety features
$1,010.00 to $1,219.00
MSA ALTAIR Pro Single Gas Detector
High-performance single gas detector with features and functionality to provide worry-free performance in harsh industrial environments
MSA GALAXY GX2 Test System
Automated Test System provides simple, intelligent testing and calibration of MSA ALTAIR series gas detectors
MSA Link Software
Software package for MSA gas detectors accommodates data logging and a host of other options
Rugged sampling probe capable of drawing samples from up to 50ft away allowing diffusion instruments to be used in remote sampling applications
MSA 10082834 USB IR Dongle
USB IR Dongle for use with MSA link software
MSA 10127808 Printer
Printer, detector or receipt sticker
MSA Sample Probes
1- or 3-foot sample probes allow pinpoint placement into hard-to-reach areas
MSA Link Pro Software Key
Link Pro Software Key
MSA Sampling Lines
Lengths of sampling lines to connect a sampling probe to your MSA gas detector
MSA Calibration Testing Gas
Certified gas mixtures for calibrating MSA gas detectors
MSA Sirius Gas Sensors
Replacement sensors for MSA Sirius Multigas Detectors
MSA 10126437 Detector Sticker Label Roll
Detector Sticker Label Roll
MSA 10178360 / 10178361 Front Housing
Spare front housing for the ALTAIR 4XR Multigas Detector
MSA 10126138 Receipt Sticker Label Roll
Receipt Sticker Label Roll
MSA Calibration Tubing
Calibration tubing with quick-disconnect fitting
MSA Cylinder Holder
Electronic and non-electronic cylinder holders
In Stock
MSA 10127422 Multi Unit Charger
Altair 4/4X detector multi-unit charger
MSA XCell Gas Sensors
Replacement XCell sensors enable faster response and shorter span calibrations, saving you time and money
MSA 10034391 Demand Flow Regulator
Universal Demand Flow Regulator
MSA 10145138 Printer Ribbon
MSA 10127111 SD Card
4 GB SD card
MSA 10127427 Multi Unit Charger
Altair 5/5X detector multi-unit charger
MSA Alkaline Battery Pack
Alkaline battery pack assembly for MSA ALTAIR 5X multigas detector
MSA 10110062 Clip / screws / Sensor Gasket
Clip, screws, sensor gasket for the ALTAIR 4XR
MSA Shoulder Strap
Shoulder strap for MSA gas detectors
MSA Alkaline Battery Pack
Alkaline battery pack assembly for MSA Sirius gas detector
MSA Rechargeable Battery Pack
Rechargeable battery pack assembly for MSA ALTAIR gas detectors
MSA Solaris Gas Sensors
Replacement sensors for MSA Solaris Multigas Detectors
MSA Regulators
Regulators for use with calibration gases
In Stock
MSA Battery Charger
Li-ion battery charger, includes power supply and charge adapter
MSA Rechargeable Battery Pack
Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack assembly for MSA Sirius gas detectors