The Gems Sensors & Controls (Gems) story began over 50 years ago in 1955 when the company founder, Edward H. Moore, developed a level indicator in his basement. It was patented in 1959. Along with an associate, Gordon Seigle, he established the Gems Company (GS for Gordon Seigle, EM for Ed Moore). read more

Today, Gems designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow switches and pressure switches, miniature solenoid valves, and pre-assembled fluidic systems. Gems is a division of Danaher Corporation, a fortune 500 company with a presence around the globe.

Gems delivers personal attention, engineering expertise, and technical support to reduce development risks, improve the understanding of design issues, and quickly identify the right solutions. Decades of application engineering provides the perspective and experience to quickly prototype, build, and deliver components, sub-assemblies or systems exactly to your critical requirements.

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Gems FS-550 Series Flow Switch
High pressure, metal paddle switch senses liquid flow in either direction to monitor flow/no-flow conditions
Gems FT-330 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Highly accurate and repeatable turbine flow sensors designed for low flow OEM applications.
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Gems LS-3 Series Level Switch
Durable single point level switches for long, trouble free service
Gems FS-200 Series Flow Switch
Ideal for detection of improper flow rates in high volume lubrication, cooling or process systems
Gems FS-380 Series Flow Switch
Compact flow switch for inline pressures up to 1500 psi
Gems FT-110 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Ideal for OEM applications involving low flow liquid monitoring
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Gems RFI Series Flow Indicator
Easily confirm flow with high visibility rotor
Gems LS-270 Series Level Switch
Bracket mounted level switch with slosh shield to minimize turbulence
Gems FS-4 Series Flow Switch
Makes flow protection economical for a broad range of industrial applications
Gems LS-1950 Series Level Switch
Exceptionally rugged and accurate float level switch for high performance applications
Gems FS-600 Series Flow Switch
Thermal dispersion technology provides a robust flow switch with no moving parts
Gems FS-927 Series Flow Switch
Compact flow switches are ideal for use where space is at a premium
Gems RFO Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Paddlewheel flow meter with high visibility rotors and 4.5 to 24 VDC Pulse Output
Gems ELS-1150 Series Level Switch
High performance electro-optic level switch designed to provide a range of capabilities including sinking, sourcing & time delay outputs
Gems LS-800-5 Series Level Switch
Ideal for large or small tanks or where access to the inside is impractical or impossible
Gems FS-500 Series Flow Switch
Low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop
Gems FS-925 Series Flow Switch
Precision-calibrated flow switches for reliable and consistent performance
Gems FS-400 Series Flow Switch
Highly accurate, general purpose flow switch with 90° flow path
Gems UCL-520 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Continuous, non-contact level measurement for midsize tanks of ultra pure, corrosive or waste liquids
Gems FS-400P Series Flow Switch
Transparent PVC housing is ideal for use where visual flow confirmation is desirable
Gems LS-1700 Series Level Switch
Economical float-type level switches for shallow tanks or restricted spaces
Gems FS-380P Series Flow Switch
Industrial strength, inline plastic flow switch
Gems RFA Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Paddlewheel flow meter with high visibility rotors and 0-10 VDC Analog Output
Gems TH-800 Series Level & Temperature Switch
Combines a level and temperature switch into a single instrument
Gems ELS-950 / ELS-950M Level Switches
The smallest electro-optic liquid level sensor available from Gems
Gems UCL-510 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor with no moving parts, built for challenging fluid measurement in small tank applications
Gems LS-1800 Series Level Switch
Float level switch withstands rough service while providing excellent stability for general use in oils and water
Gems LS-700F Series Level Switch
Level switch designed as overfill protection for refrigerant tanks
Gems LS-1750 & LS-1755 Series Level Switches
Rugged stainless steel float level switches for corrosive liquids and high temperatures and pressures
Gems FS-150 Series Flow Switch
Flow switch with a unique, dual-diameter, internal bore and piston configuration to minimize flow constriction
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Gems Series M Level Switch
Mechanical tilt float level switch for applications in difficult liquids such as sewage and waste water
Gems FS-10798 Series Flow Switch
Externally adjustable flow switches offer an infinite number of flow settings at pressures up to 1000 psig
Gems LS-750 Series Level Switch
Level switch with weighted collar can be suspended in stand pipes dropped into wells
Gems LS-2050 Series Level Switch
Installation through the tank wall solves the problem of inaccessible tops or bottoms
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Gems FT-210 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Proven turbine technology in a small package for low flow applications
Gems FS-930 Series Flow Switch
Unique piston design assures accuracy over a full range of viscosities for applications where liquids of different viscosities are blended
Gems FS-480 Series Flow Switch
Large-body inline flow switches deliver ample flow rates with minimal pressure drop
Gems RFS Series Flow Switch
Combines visual confirmation of flow with dynamic, electronic switch operation
Gems LS-1900 Series Level Switch
Float level switch is ideal for high viscosity fluids and rough service
Gems FS-926 Series Flow Switch
Precision flow switch with 1% repeatability for low flow applications
Gems ELS-1100 Series Level Switch
Low cost, compact, optical, level sensors with built-in switching electronics
Gems LS-77700 Level Switch
Bent stem switches for mounting into the side of tanks and other vessels
$82.00 to $135.00
Gems 163000 Digital Bargraph Display
Improves the way you visualize data received from liquid level transmitters
Gems Series 16M Control Module
Conductivity based plug-in liquid level control module
Gems LS-74780 Level Switch
Large sized, float level switch particularly well suited for rough service
Gems LS-52100 Series Level Switch
Rugged, all-stainless steel unit offers broad chemical compatibility and installation through the tank wall
Gems ELS-1100HT Series Level Switch
High temperature optical level sensors with built-in switching electronics
Gems Series 19MR Liquid Level Control
Conductivity based liquid level control is the ideal choice where pump up or pump down service is necessary
Gems Series A / AM Liquid Level Control
Conductivity based liquid level control in open circuit board or module designs
Gems Series 26 Low-Water Cutoff
Designed for boiler low-water cutoff protection
Gems Series 16 Control Module
Engineered for general purpose single-level or differential applications
Gems LS-159000 Series Level Switch
Low cost inline flow switch mounts outside the tank
Gems Series DF Liquid Level Control
Designed to control two independent level functions: one single-level control operation and one differential-level operation
Gems Series 27 Liquid Level Control
Intrinsically safe conductivity based liquid level controls
Gems ELS-1100FLG Series Level Switch
Flange mounted optical level sensor for installations without threaded holes
Gems Series DC Liquid Level Control
Liquid level control for applications where only direct current power is available
Gems Series RA431 Alarm Panel
Alarm panel for non-hazardous liquid monitoring applications
Gems Series 67 Level Control
An ideal solution to liquid level problems in hazardous applications
Gems LS-1700TFE Level Switch
PTFE float offers broad chemical compatibility and low particle generation
Gems DM28 Panel Meter
Economical digital process and strain gauge panel meters
Gems Series TA73X Alarm Panel
Intrinsically safe monitoring panel for simple tank monitoring needs
Gems Series 26M Low-Water Cutoff
Plug-In low-water cutoff module meets CSD1 requirements for boiler low-water cutoff
Gems Fabri-Level Switch Kit
Contains the components necessary for assembly of a 1- or 2-station level switch for pipe-plug mounting in your tank
Gems LS-1900TFE Level Switch
Large sized, Teflon float resists build-up of foreign material or sticky media
Gems Series 47 Alarm Panel Control
Intrinsically safe alarm panel control in a single package
Gems Series M Weight
Weight for Gems Series M Mechanical Tilt Float Switch
Gems Series M Tie-Wrap
Tie-wrap for Gems Series M Mechanical Tilt Float Switch